Haier 8 Bottle Countertop Wine Cooler Review

Are you on the lookout for a wine cooler that doesn’t take up all the free space you have in your kitchen? The Haier 8 Bottle Countertop Wine Cooler is definitely one of the top contenders in this category, especially if you’re looking to always have your finest wines at hand – at a temperature that you’d relish!

Can I have my Red and White Wines at separate Temperatures?

Sadly, this particular model doesn’t come with the dual zone feature. If you want to keep your white and red wines at different serving temperatures, maybe you could give the Haier 12 bottle wine cooler a chance to prove its worth?

Coming back to the Haier HVTEC08ABS 8 bottle wine cooler, you should know that it allows you to cool anywhere between 46 – 66F. This is within the ideal serving range for most wines. However, there are a few that may require this temperature to be at 42F – something this wine cooler cannot offer.

I needed something small – would this suffice?

Compared to the wine coolers of the past, this model is pretty compact, taking up a little space in your kitchen. It’s ideal for countertop use. Of course, you got the option to place it below your cabinets or just about anywhere else you have free space.

The height of this model is around 17 ¾”. The feet cannot exactly be removed, but they seem to be screwed in, a little observation and a screw-driver and you may be able to get them off if required. Check out what other buyers had to say about the height.

Do not place it in an enclosed cabinet as you require air circulation around the cooler.

Just make sure that you read the manual and allow sufficient spacing around the wine cooler for it to be able to cool properly. The specified clearances required are:

  • Sides – 2”
  • Top – 4”
  • Back – 2”

Is it silent and more importantly does it vibrate?

Absolutely not! The Haier 8 Bottle countertop wine cooler doesn’t use compressors and hence there aren’t any vibrations – something that we’d all want if we’re going to place it on our counters. Regarding noise during operation, it’s pretty silent. Maybe during the hottest summer months, you’d be able to hear the fan run; the sound produced in this case would be somewhat similar to the fan on your desktop computer. Verified Customers on Amazon have stated that it’s super silent. Check out their answers yourself.

Does it hold large 1.5L or Magnum Wine Bottles?

Even though this wine refrigerator was built for standard 750ml bottles, the shelves can be easily slid out and put back into place when required. So if you’ve got a 1.5L wine bottle you would have to remove a shelf thereby decreasing the total number of bottles that your cooler can hold. But, to answer the question regarding the capability of holding such bottles, I’d have to say – Yes!

Another possibility is to place one large and one regular on a single rack and another large and regular on the next rack – this may help solve the problem. But, this is going to depend on the circumference of the bottles in question.

Design and Lighting of this Countertop Cooler

Consisting of a black casing and chrome finish shelves it's definitley a delight. To further enhance its sleek look, it's also got a curved door with smoked glass. The lighting can be switched on (Not really necessary), but it does make the wine cooler look a lot smarter (not that it isn't stunning already!)

Control and Working of the HVTEC08ABS

The thermostat can be adjusted anywhere between the temperatures of 46-66F as already mentioned using the electronic temperature control with LED display.

The cooler comes along with a double glass door for increased insulation thereby preventing the coolness from inside to escape out into the atmosphere. Using modern technology, the cooling system is thermoelectric and compressor based, this is the main reason as to why this cooler is super-efficient and vibration free. (It’s calculated to cost you a little over $1 per month on Electric charges! – Read what Jeanne had to say).

If you’re interested in this model, you may want to check out some other reviews before you go ahead and hit the buy button.

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