Broan 413004 30 Inch Under Cabinet Range Hood Review

The Broan 413004 Economy range hood comes equipped with a rocker type fan and light control. Therefore people of all ages find it easy to control.

Its simplicity is the greatest boon of this range hood.

Broan offers you a one year limited warranty on this particular product and therefore you shouldn’t have anything to worry about during the initial days. However, if at all you come across problems in the years that follow you should know that Broan is one of the largest range hood suppliers and therefore parts and servicing isn’t an issue.

Even if you cannot contact the Broan services directly, almost all electricians would be able to help you out as finding replacement parts isn’t difficult at all.


Since there’s no venting that needs to be done, this range hood is very easy to install. However, one of the problems that people come across when installing the Broan 413004 is the fact that they’ve not coloured the wiring and hence it could be hard for people who aren’t accustomed to electrical installations.

You shouldn’t worry about the non-colored wiring as the instructions manual covers it all and you shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to install the hood yourself. Since you don’t need to hire someone to do it for you, you could save on additional costs.


  • Easy installation
  • No Maintenance Issues
  • Energy Efficient


  • Only 2 Speed Fan
  • Light Bulb not included


The Broan 413004 range hood doesn’t come included with a light bulb. However, there’s a provision wherein you can place a bulb up to 75W. This may be taken as a drawback, but at the same time this gives you the option to use a bright bulb and therefore if you do happen to install one here, there may not be a need to place another bulb in your kitchen while you cook.

The light bulb can be really bright and come into your eyes, so it’s up to you whether you wish to purchase a bulb for the hood or not. If you’ve already got lighting done up in your kitchen you shouldn’t opt for the bulb.

Fan Speed

The hood has a fan installed in order to draw in fumes and is capable of running at 2 speeds. It’s ideal for homes with low and medium exhaust requirements.


When noise is considered this hood isn’t the best. But, the fan shouldn’t be considered to be loud as you can comfortably have conversations in the kitchen while it’s on and you won’t find it to be an irritant while you cook.


Maintenance isn’t an issue as there’s not much that needs to be cleaned. Most people comment that it’s a lot easier to maintain than their microwave ovens. This stainless steel range hood has integrated punched stainless steel discharged grilles and therefore it’s easy to clean and doesn’t detach when switched on (Like the Plastic Grilles).

Best Selling Under Cabinet Range Hoods

Broan 413004 Under Cabinet Range Hood

Broan 413004 Under Cabinet Range Hood

The broan 413004 is the best-selling range hood on Amazon for months in a row. It’s amazing if you’re looking for a low power recirculating range hood. You should know that this range hood can only be non-ducted. There is no ducted option.

Akdy AZ1802 Under Cabinet Range Hood

Akdy AZ1802 30" Under Cabinet Range Hood

The AKDY AZ1802 is an amazing buy if you need a powerful under cabinet range hood. At 900 CFM this hood is still ultra-quiet and is the best option if you’re looking for a powerful ducted under cabinet range hood. It’s got backdraft dampers too.

XtremeAir Ultra Under Cabinet Range Hood

XtremeAir Ultra Under Cabinet Range Hood

A bit more expensive than the AKDY, the XtremeAIR Ultra is also a 900 CFM range hood with added features such as the presence of an oil container than collects oil from the baffle filters. Mechanical push buttons with LED lights – long lasting.