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Last Updated: 17 Feb 2017

Wall Range Hood Reviews

The "Best Selling" Wall Mount Range Hoods compared along with the opportunity to read reviews on other Wall Mount Range Hoods of your choice from the many Top Contenders in this category.

Under Cabinet Range Hood Reviews

The "Best Selling" Under Cabinet Range Hoods compared along with the opportunity to read reviews on other Under Cabinet Range Hoods of your choice from the many Top Contenders in this category.

Island Range Hood Reviews

The "Best Selling" Island Mount Range Hoods compared along with the opportunity to read reviews on other Island Mount Range Hoods of your choice from the many Top Contenders in this category.

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Air King Range Hood Reviews

Air King offers a wide range of Energy Star qualified range hoods. If you take a look at what they have to offer, you're sure to find the perfect one for your home - All within your budget.

AKDY Range Hood Reviews

"Akdy Imports" manufactures some of the best selling Range Hoods and home improvement products. They have over 200 options to choose from. We've reviewed the best of the lot, here on Kitease.

Broan Range Hood Reviews

Broan is a huge name in the Range Hood industry. They've got over 80 years of experience and is a trusted name in North America. They offer you over 50 designs to meet every need and price range.

Cavaliere Euro Range Hood Reviews

They have a complete stainless steel collection of range hoods, along with the latest features and controls, making them a forerunner in the Range Hood industry.

Eureka Range Hood Reviews

Eureka offers a unique collection of stove hoods. They aren't really technologically advanced, so finding information is hard. That's why we've reviewed their most popular products, to help you make informed decisions.

Frigidaire Range Hood Reviews

Frigidaire does not offer too much variety, which maybe a good thing. They do offer downdraft hoods, wall mount, island mount as well as under cabinet hoods; all within a good price range. You should check them out.

Golden Vantage Range Hood Reviews

Golden Vantage offers over 200 options in wall, island and under cabinet range hoods. Most designs include high quality and easy to use LED touch panels. High power and quiet operation, due to their noise absorption technology.

Kitchen Bath Collection Range Hood Reviews

Our personal best choice of range hoods would be Kitchen Bath Collection, due to their excellent customer service and response to feedback. They may not have 100's of models on display, but the few they have are exactly what you need.

Z Line Range Hood Reviews

Z Line range hoods are very durable and completely reliable. Powerful yet silent operation is another feature where they rank well. They offer island, wall and under cabinet range hoods.

Finding a Range Hood or Kitchen Exhaust Fan – A Complete Guide


Range Hoods don’t just protect your home, they’re also essential for a healthy life. What you require isn’t going to be the same as the person next door. The range hood you pick depends on a few main criterion as you can see below (3 points). However, in some cases a simple kitchen exhaust fan may be sufficient. So we don't just look into the popular range hoods, but also a few exahust fans.

  1. The BTU (British Thermal Units) of your Cooking Range
  2. Layout (Wall Mount, Island or Under Cabinet) and Range Size
  3. The Size of Your Kitchen
  4. Whether you need a recirculating range hood or a ducted hood

The CFM of your Range Hood is going can be calculated based on HVI (Home Ventilation Institute) recommendations. You can use our online tool for free here: Kitchen hood CFM calculator. Check out reviews and comparisons of the three best recirculating range hoods in every category:Wall, Island and Under Cabinet. On the same page you can also read our guide to help determine whether you should opt for a ducted or ductless range hood."

We’re now clear on the fact that there cannot be a single “Best Kitchen Exhaust Fan” or “Best Range Hood”. However, we can surely look into the top performers as you’re probably going to realize that among them lays the Gem of a Range Hood that your kitchen is in desperate need of.

Let’s take a Look at the best Kitchen Exhaust Fan

Exhaust Fans are primarily meant for bathrooms, but are widely used in Kitchens with low exhaust needs. However, here we’ve just focused on KITCHEN EXHAUST FANS. You’d be better off with a Kitchen Exhaust Fan against a Range Hood in the following situations:

  • You don’t cook for long hours.
  • You can keep windows open while you cook.
  • You don’t cook oily food or have indoor grills.
  • Your budget prevents you from buying a Range Hood.

Panasonic Exhaust Fans for your Kitchen

Panasonic is another major manufacturer of exhaust fans in America and across the globe. If you’re looking for an exhaust fan which performs well and also has excellent customer service, you should definitely opt for Panasonic Exhaust Fans. Let’s take a look at 2 of their popular designs:

Panasonic FV-08WQ1 Whisper Wall Mounted Fan

This is a 70 CFM Wall Mounted Fan is one of the best options if you’re looking for something which isn’t very powerful, yet gets the job done. Let’s take a look at some of the features this kitchen extractor fan possesses:

Sone Chart

The Panasonic-FV-08WQ1

Backdraft Damper

This Panasonic exhaust fan is equipped with a backdraft damper to help control and maintain the temperature of your kitchen by preventing external air from entering. The damper is installed at the rear of the casing. Moreover, the blades are controlled by gravity and hence you don’t need to use power all the time! Winds help rotate the blade too – how cool is that? However, when cooking it’s wise to turn it on as you need it to be running constantly.

Powerful Motor:

The motor of this extractor fan is well-lubricated and safely enclosed in a chamber. This helps it run for years on end – top performance is guaranteed. It’s built to run even at low temperatures, therefore, the overall life of both the motor and it’s bearings are increased.


Unlike range hoods, exhaust fans are extremely quiet, but this Panasonic whisper exhaust fan out beats most of the others in this category as it produces just 0.8 sones under normal operating conditions – you can barely hear it!

Oh... Another thing, it's only available in White, so those of you looking for a black exhaust fan - you're going to have to continue searching.

Panasonic WhisperWarm Ceiling Mounted Fan

This exhaust fan is mainly manufactured for bathrooms, but can be used in kitchens too. They come in a variety of CFM’s as we’re going to see. It’s not a wall mount exhaust fan, but a ceiling mount fan – so make sure this is what you need before you buy one. Let’s take a look at some of the features of this Panasonic exhaust fan:

Sone Chart

The Panasonic FV-11VHL2 WhisperWarm

Design and Dampers

The blower is designed so that it draws in air from both sides as seen in the image.

Therefore, this extractor fan is capable of delivering a higher performance at minimal power consumption. Moreover, it also has a built in damper.

This prevents back flow, thereby maintaining the temperature of your kitchen.


The motor is well sealed and lubricated, so there’s no need of you to oil it every so often. Actually, it’s sealed so you won’t have to do anything for years!

This kitchen extractor fan operates at lower temperatures and hence the bearings last longer too. In addition to all this, the casing is galvanized with a Zinc coating which prevents rusting of important components.

Silent Operation

Operating at just 0.7 Sones, this Panasonic exhaust fan is ideal for everyone. If it’s silence you require, definitely opt for one of these Panasonic extractor fans.

Broan Exhaust Fans for your Kitchen

Broan is well known for their Range Hoods and Kitchen Exhaust Systems in general; therefore I’d like to begin with some of the highly spoken and best-selling Broan Exhaust Fans.

The Broan Model 505 Utility Fan

This model is kind of noisy at around 6.5 sones, but it’s powerful enough to keep fumes out of your kitchen when cooking thanks to its 180 CFM motor. Apart from keeping oily fumes at bay, it would also get rid of any excess moisture that arises when you cook.

Sone Chart

The Broan Model 505

It’s also got an inbuilt damper which helps control internal temperature if you’ve got your heater on during the cold winter months – this is a damn good plus point to have considering the price.

Wall Mount Range Hoods - The best seller

If you've got open space above your cooking range, Wall Mount Range Hood are a good option. You should know that the power of your Range Hood (CFM) depends on the kind of hood you're installing. Go back to the Table Of Contents to Learn how to Calculate your required CFM.

Now that you know the required CFM, let's take a look at some of the best range hoods in this category:

Z Line ZLKB36 Wall Mount Range Hood

If you’re on the lookout of a 36 Inch Wall Mount Range Hood, you should definitely check out the Z Line ZLKB36 – it’s one of the most wished for in this category for a number of reasons:

Sone Chart

The Z-Line ZLKB36

Compatibility and Installation

Chimney Extensions are available for up to a height of 12 feet! That’s even more than what most of us need. Therefore, unlike with other models you’re not going to struggle to install it in your kitchen. Basic DIY Skills and a little help would lead to an easy installation – this saves you around $150 – 200 (Professional Range Hood Installation Charges).

You can even convert this model into a recirculating range hood with the addition of a simple activated charcoal filter.

Moreover, what makes the installation one of the simplest ever is the fact that the blower and fan are already completely installed and also factory tested – Now that’s one task struck off the list.

Power and Speed

A 760 CFM Motor, it’s ideal for most kitchens. There were many questions asked on Amazon whether this range hood could take care of strong Asian Cooking Fumes at the highest speed. To the surprise of most, there were quite a few who said that it didn’t even have to be on the highest speed and it was still working well with Asian Cuisine and even searing of Steaks!

Operating Speeds:

  1. Lowest Ultra Quiet Mode – 280 CFM
  2. Low Speed – 460 CFM
  3. Medium Speed – 670 CFM
  4. High Speed – 760 CFM
Lighting and Noise

This range hood comes equipped with 2, 20 Watt Tilting Halogen Bulbs. The tilt ensures that they light up your entire cooking surface with an even distribution of light. The only drawback here is the fact that once the bulbs burn out; you need to buy a whole lamp housing kit.

The fan is really quiet, even though the exact value in sones isn’t known yet. Check out this review by Sea Witte, a Verified Buyer to know more.


Just like most range hoods, the Z Line ZLKB36 also possesses easy to remove (and re-attach) dishwasher safe baffle filters. Charcoal filters (in case of recirculating installations) would need to be replaced every few months based on the amount you cook.

Under Cabinet Range Hoods - The Best Seller

Under Cabinet Range Hoods are your best OR only option if you've got a cabinet above your cook top. They're small, cheaper than other kinds of range hoods and they even look classy! Who said they need a glass canopy or a stainless steel canopy to look good?

Under Cabinet Range Hood Requirements in terms of Motor Power (CFM) are the lowest. Go back to the Table of Contents to learn how to Calculate your CFM Value, before you proceed. Now that you know the power you require, let's check out some of the best range hoods in this category:

Broan F403023 Convertible Range Hood

Capable of being installed as a ducted and non-ducted range hood, the Broan F403023 is by far one of the cheapest (if not the cheapest) range hoods out there. So, if you’re looking for the best range hoods, you’ve definitely got to check this out.

This range hood has amazing reviews and lasts for many years. However, considering the price I’d go for it as it looks good and performs well. Even if it lasts for just 2 – 3 years, it’s still a lot cheaper to buy another compared to spending $150 plus for a under cabinet range hood.

Sone Chart

The Broan F403023

The price of this hood varies below $50 it’s usually even below $40 – What more could one ask for? Let’s take a look at some of the amazing features of the Broan F403023:

Speed and Ducting

The fan is capable of running at two speeds based on your requirement. It’s quite powerful at a CFM of 100 to 190. This range hood can be ducted either vertically or horizontally, and ofcourse there’s the non-ducted option too.

However, if you want to opt for the non-ducted installation you’re going to have to purchase the carbon filters separately. You’re going to need to remove the cover plate from the front of the range hood and place the carbon filters in position before you can begin using the range hood.


All the parts required for the range hood to work are included. However, you should know that it requires a hard wire installation. You could always purchase a separate Power Cord Kit if you wanted to convert it into a plug for easy use.

Comfort and Maintenance

Build to satisfy, the Broan F403023 convertible range hood operates at a sound level of 4.1 to 6 sones and is therefore ideal for your kitchen. You’d be able to have conversations without screaming to the person by your side.

The light lens on this range hood accepts a bulb of up to 75 Watts and it’s exactly what most people require.

Dishwasher safe Aluminum Grease Filters which are also easy to remove and re-attach make maintenance a breeze. Just make sure that you clean it occasionally based on the amount of oily deposits collecting.

Island Mount Range Hoods - The best Seller

Island Mount Range Hoods are the most classy of the lot and your only option if your range his an Island (Obvious right?). However, you should note that the CFM requirements for Island Mount Range Hoods are greater than that of Wall Mount and Under Cabinet Hoods. Go back to the Table of Contents to calculate the CFM requirement of your kitchen.

Now that you know the CFM requirements, you can check out some of these finest Island Range Hoods:

Golden Vantage GVAIS2-36” Island Mount Range Hood

Built keeping modern kitchens and aesthetics in mind, the Golden Vantage GVAIS2-36 is crafted out of the finest stainless steel and the canopy is tempered glass. It’s one of the most popular and best-selling Island Mount Range Hoods for a number of reasons:

Sone Chart

The Golden-Vantage GVAIS2-36

Air Flow

You have the option of running this range hood at three preset speeds – low, medium and high. Controlling the hood is super simple and sleek thanks to the sensitive LED touch control. The CFM rating of this hood is set at a max of 840 CFM. The air flap prevents air escaping from your kitchen when the range hood is not in use. Therefore, you don't have to bother about your warm air escaping during winter nights.

Lighting and Noise

With the capability of housing 4, 2W LED bulbs, your cook top would be properly lit up while you cook. In addition to a bright platform, the range hood doesn’t cross 65DB while running and therefore you don’t need to worry about your ear drums popping.

Efficiency and Maintenance

The presence of a non-return air flap helps prevent heat from escaping when the range hood is not in use during those cold winter months.

If you’re worried about maintenance you’d got absolutely nothing to worry about, because it comes with dishwasher safe anodized aluminum grease filters which are very easy to remove and re-attach.


Golden Vantage Range Hoods are some of the best range hoods in the industry. This model even comes along with a 3 year manufacturer limited warranty on parts. Contact the seller before you buy to know more.

Why do you need a Kitchen Hood Exhaust Fan or Range Hood?

Kitchen Hood Exhaust Fans and Range Hoods are surely one of the most important major appliances in any kitchen, especially in cases where direct ventilation isn’t possible. Finding the best kitchen hood for your home can be a real dilemma, considering the variety out there. Therefore, through this article I’ve highlighted the best range hoods so that you’d at least get a rough idea regarding the options at hand.

Kitchen Exhaust Fans don’t just purify the air in your kitchen; they help protect your entire home. Whenever you cook something; oil vapors, steam, smoke and a lot of other impurities and gases arise and spread throughout your home.

These collect as sediments and form oily layers on your ceilings, accessories and other household articles – especially the furniture! In the long run you may have to get rid of such furniture which results in expenses due to sheer negligence. Therefore, installing a range hood in your kitchen must be a top priority.

There are plenty of sub-categories to pick from, namely: stainless steel hoods, glass canopy hoods, black cooker hoods, copper hoods, kitchen extractor fans, island range hoods, under cabinet hoods, wall mount hoods and so on.

How to Find the Best Kitchen Exhaust Fan?

Whether you’re looking for the top performing exhaust fan or the best range hoods in the market, the process is going to be overwhelming. A simple visit to your local store or a search online would result in a plethora of brands and models – WHICH DO YOU PICK!?

Whom am I willing to buy from?

First and foremost, you’ll need to collect a list of brands from whom you’d be willing to buy your kitchen exhaust fans or Range Hoods. I know I wouldn’t buy from just any brand (Don’t get me wrong, I’m always looking for affordability, but unwilling to sacrifice on quality and longevity). Keep your options open though, only decide once you’ve actually looked through the facts.

I have a budget!

Abide by your budget – always! We usually set benchmarks that we wouldn’t want to cross when shopping, but there are plenty of temptations that force us to breach these boundaries and spend more than we can afford. It’s not a wise choice to make considering the fact that range hoods are expensive.

Features – What is it that you need?

The best range hoods and kitchen exhaust fan would have a bunch of amazing features. But are you going to use them all? Do you really need to pay for stuff you don’t really require? Here are some of the features they may possess:

  1. High Efficiency – Always Welcome
  2. Minimum Noise – Yes Please!
  3. Long Life – Now who’d give that away?
  4. Warranty – Really Helpful!
  5. Auto Shut Off – Useful, but you could do without
  6. Amazing Lighting – Required, but you can always install lighting on your own.
Does it blend in?

Wouldn’t it be great if your Range Hood blended with the rest of your kitchen in terms of color, size and design? Your final elimination round should therefore get rid of any range hood or exhaust fans that do not meet these requirements.

Another great option is to ask family and friends what they use (Just make sure that they’re requirements are similar to yours).

That’s it! You can now go ahead and place an order – Good luck…

Before Buying a Kitchen Hood Exhaust Fan or Range Hood – Few Tips

There are plenty of factors that you need to keep in mind before you use your credit card and order a range hood, let’s just walk through the process:

Measurements a.k.a. Dimensions

If you’ve never had an exhaust system in place before, you’re going to first need to decide where you want to fix it (in case of kitchen exhaust fans). If it’s a Range Hood that you’re planning on buying, you’d want to measure the height to the ceiling or cabinet from the cook top before you make a purchase.

Duct System

Do you have provisions for a duct system? If not, do you intend to hire someone to get the job done? Because, if you’re not going to have a duct system you’d only want to buy a range hood that recirculates air – this may be obvious, but it’s one of the biggest mistakes people make.

A good buy would be a range hood that is capable of being ducted and also has provisions for charcoal filters (recirculating range hood) as you’d have freedom to change your mind based on the physical conditions in your kitchen.

Electrical Connections

Some Range Hoods and Kitchen Exhaust Fans need to be hard-wired, whereas the others come with a plug. If you’re not in a position to get it hard-wired, you’d be better off looking for appliances with plugs right from the start.


Most people don’t really bother about maintenance until it’s too late. If you’re wise you’re going to buy a range hood that is easy to disassemble, clean and re-assemble. Most of the aluminum filters these days are dishwasher friendly, so you don’t have to worry.

However, after a few months of use you’re also going to need to clean the exteriors of the hood due to collection of oil deposits. Using your favorite range cleaner would do the trick.

Know more, read: Range Hood Maintenance – 4 Steps to Degrease those Filters.


Are you going to install the range hood yourself? If you answered that with a yes, you need to make sure that the hood isn’t heavy. Else, you’d need someone to help you out. You could also find professional help.

Sone Level Comparison Chart

Sone Chart

Sone Chart; Source: Wikipedia