Zuhne iChorus36 Range Hood Everything You Need to Know

The iChorus36 is an island range hood that can be ducted or recirculating. This range hood with its high efficiency and noise control boasts to be a builders choice as it is trusted by builders for upscale projects and modern makeovers.

Zuhne is a Texas-based home appliances company, founded in 2014. To some, they might seem like a young enterprise, far from the top, but they’ve already got a ton of validation for excellence. For instance, they are the fastest growing B.B.B-certified home improving company in America (at the point of writing this). That’s an impressive guarantee of quality and reliability. And of course, they have a well-established online presence, with overwhelmingly positive reviews across e-commerce platforms.

To top all that, they are famous for their outstanding customer service, even going “above and beyond” if some problems occurred. They simply want to make sure buyers are 100% satisfied in the end.

Overview on the Features

  1. Dimensions: 35.4” Width, 23.5” Length, 49.06” Height.
  2. Weight: approximately 80 pounds.
  3. Voltage: 120 V / 60 Hz.
  4. Airflow capacity: 600 CFM.
  5. At the lower settings, the fan is barely audible above ambient noise. However, even when operating at the maximum airflow, the noise level doesn’t exceed 52 decibels. All merit of the Zuhne’s low noise technology.
  6. Material: Stainless steel (hood) and tempered glass (canopy).
  7. Equipment for both vented and ductless installation is included: easy-to-wash baffle filters, telescopic chimney, 6” extendable duct (approximately 5 feet in length), charcoal filters, and anti-backflow flap adapter.
  8. Its innovative telescopic design, can be used for a variety of ceiling heights. The telescopic chimney is 23.5”- 46” plus 30" Extension.
  9. The light, three operating speeds, and timer are activated with a blue backlit control panel, which is easy to operate even in the dark.
  10. The range hood also comes with a standard three-pronged plug, so it doesn’t have to be hardwired.
  11. Compliant with the US and Canada safety codes.
  12. Zuhne also offers an exceptional 24/7 client support for all their products.
  13. For illumination, this model employs four high-lumen LEDs, 3 watts each.

What Makes It One of the Best?

  • It’s a super-powerful beast. When the settings are on high mode, the range hood produces an impressive 600 CFM air flow, which will most likely be enough for any situation. If there’s one thing that everyone agrees on is the power of this model’s suction.
  • It’s surprisingly quiet! But let’s explain this point clearly. A few customers have actually complained about the sound that it makes at the highest setting, which is about 52 decibels. Now, that is obviously no whisper, but consider for a moment the powerful 600 CFM air flow generated. Then compare it to the performance of its competitors at this price range, which are usually less powerful but much louder.
    You will soon realize that this model is one of the quietest options you can find. Besides, the low-speed fan was found extremely silent by most of the buyers and (given the high power of this hood) that will often be more than enough for everyday use.
  • You get to choose whether you want it plugged or hardwired, as the hood also comes with a standard 3-pronged plug. Now, it’s always great to have the choice.
  • You’ll find the charcoal filters for a ductless installation included. It might seem like a small thing, but it happens very rarely at this price range, and it shows just how much Zuhne is willing to “spoil” its customers.
  • It looks great, and much more expensive than it is! A client, for instance, said that “it makes the kitchen look like a million bucks,” and who wouldn’t want that? Especially with such an affordable product. Plus, it’s very “sharp looking,” with a beautiful satin finish, and it seems to get a lot of compliments from guests.
    Even small details are treated with extreme care: for example, the chimney’s zero-welding design guarantees seamless aesthetics. Stunning from anywhere you look at it.
  • With Zuhne, you get superlative customer service: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week was the norm in my experience. It’s true, they have a large number of clients, so it might occasionally happen that a reply doesn’t come through immediately. However, they always try to ensure that buyers are assisted thoroughly and manage to have their issues solved eventually. It doesn’t matter how big or small.

Features I Don't like About It

  • The manual isn’t that helpful. Which is a common issue with range hoods, but in this case, customers found the instructions particularly confusing. Apparently, they are written in very odd English (perhaps translated with Google?) and not everything makes sense. Imagine following super-complicated instructions that are also written in eccentric language… not the easiest job!
  • Most buyers say this model is tough to install, for several reasons. The instructions are hard to follow, the whole installation is a complex process anyway. Unless you are incredibly confident in your DIY expertise, you should consider hiring a professional.
  • Some customers had issues with the grease filters, that would be whistling during the high-suction mode. While it may be tempting to remove them to make the operation quieter, this is dangerous and will also impact the performance of the hood once the duct becomes lined with grease. Make sure that the filter is fixed correctly or if it’s broken get in touch with Zuhne’s customer service.

I Would Buy It If:

  1. I need an extremely powerful range hood, with excellent suction, at a relatively low price.
  2. I want to be covered by superlative customer service, in case any issue occurred.
  3. I am okay hiring a professional for the installation, or I was extremely good with DIY products.
  4. I seek a stunning luxurious-looking range hood that could make my kitchen look like “a million bucks.”
  5. Silent operation is of importance to me.
  6. I want a range hood that I could plug in.