Zuhne Range Hood Reviews

Zuhne is a modern brand in kitchen appliances, one with a healthy online presence and which is competing well against long-standing names. The Zuhne brand strives for absolute perfection, and as such, you will only ever find their capable collection of range hoods built in solid stainless steel. That’s not all, however. Keeping ahead of the game requires technical innovation, too. Wall mount, island mount or otherwise, Zuhne models are focused on functionality.

Describing itself as a woman-owned enterprise, Zuhne is a contemporary label for contemporary kitchens. The brand prides itself on attention to detail as well as everyday power and simple aesthetics. These are all good points to consider when building the perfect range hood; I’m sure you’d agree. However, it’s a good idea to look at individual product reviews to get the best view of what's available. Take a close look at some of Zuhne's most popular range hoods below to get started.

Image Source: Zuhne

iChorus36 Island Mount

With a CFM rating of 600, the iChorus is a powerful, yet efficient island range hood that operates relatively quietly with a maximum sound level of just 52 dB. This model can be installed to function as a ducted or recirculating range hood. With it’s sleek glass canopy, high efficiency, powerful exhaust and low noise levels, the company boasts that this model is a builders choice and trusted by architects and builders working on large upscale projects and modern makeovers.

More About Zuhne

Many people looking for kitchen hoods for a modern kitchen will probably keep Zuhne in mind. The brand leads with advanced technology to set itself apart from the competition. That means their models will mainly lead with noise reduction, simple maintenance, and soft touch controls. These are all features which could stand to make your life, or at least your cooking, that little bit easier.

But how does Zuhne compete on a wider basis? Is innovation enough to compete in what has always been a reasonably competitive market? For many people, yes. I would suggest keeping Zuhne in mind if technical innovation is important to you, but read reviews before you buy anything specific.

Zuhne is a brand which speaks out against taking shortcuts. Therefore, you can at least be assured that their products are built to last.