ZLine ZLKB2 Review

ZLINE’s variety of kitchen range hoods are generally designed to fit most kitchen interiors and looks. The KB2-BCXXX wall mount range hood, however, is a little different from the company’s general run of stainless steel and glass units. You could check out some of the other ZLINE range hoods that I've reviewed. The dark copper-colored hood (one of the color options of this model) will look great in a variety of different kitchens. The marketing for the product also suggests that we can expect the same build and service quality we can expect from other ZLINE hoods.

In this review, I will be looking exclusively at the 30” model of the KB2-BCXXX. There is also a 36” model available if your stove is bigger. Check out my guide on range hood sizing for guidance. The unit has got a plug, but you can easily convert it to a hardwire install. You can separately buy crown molding and charcoal filters (for a ductless install).

zline ZLKB2 review

ZLINE has a generally good reputation with kitchen users. This hood is a wall-mounted model built for use in modern kitchens of all shapes and sizes.

Also Available in the Following Colors:

Whether or not you are familiar with products designed by ZLINE, it is always important to look at the facts. In this review, I'll break down the data and what you can expect from this purchase. Does the KB2-BCXXX stand up to other ZLINE wall mounts and other kitchen chimneys on the market? Let's take a look.

zline ZLKB2 installed in a kitchen

Overview on the Features

  1. Dimensions: 30” × 17.75” × 35.5”
  2. Weight: 40lbs
  3. Maximum Air Flow: 760 CFM. This should be sufficient for most homes. My CFM calculator could help you figure this out.
  4. A larger 36” model is available.
  5. As with other ZLINE hoods, this unit operates at 110V or 60HZ.
  6. Directional lighting is provided.
  7. There is a push-button control system, with three-minute timer built-in.
  8. The timer also has a safety shut-off for ease of use.
  9. The hood is made from mild steel, and is finished in '7-layer, oil-rubbed bronze'.
  10. Suction can increase by up to 760 CFM maximum through four speed settings: 280/400/580/760 CFM respectively.
  11. This is one of many ZLINE products offering noise levels of less than 60db during operation.
  12. ZLINE offers a three-year warranty on parts.
  13. There is a 6” outlet and a backdraft damper is included.
  14. The ideal distance from the stove for this unit is between 30” and 36”.
  15. It arrives with removable baffle filters, which are dishwasher-friendly.

What Makes It One of the Best?

  • The KB2-BCXXX is one of the most striking hoods in ZLINE's catalog. It has a dark and copper riveted look which stands out from their clean, stainless steel models. It should look great in kitchens already using bronze or copper tones, and dark colors.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain, thanks to removable baffle filters which you can easily put through the dishwasher time and again.
  • There is a full install manual available for you to download online. It is reasonably simple enough to follow, though you may prefer a contractor to help install the unit for you. Additionally, check out my installation guide for some tips.
  • 760 CFM is impressive power and has three other speeds it can be operated at. Therefore, it’s likely to be plenty flexible enough for most kitchen users.
  • Not all range hoods come fitted with a timer. The auto-functionality and shut-off feature are very welcome, as it means less fiddling around for the user.
  • The system can be installed ductless if required, but charcoal filters need to be bought separately. See here to learn how ductless range hoods work.
  • The hood should be perfect for ceilings less than 9 feet tall. ZLINE's product marketing suggests any ceilings up to 9.5 feet should be safely covered. Any taller, and you will need a chimney extension from the brand. It's therefore probably a good fit for shorter ceilings, but you can always buy an extension if needed.
  • Many people often prefer push-button controls. Touchscreen controls can feel awkward and hard to manage. That's why plenty of kitchen owners will likely welcome the traditional system in place here.

Features I Don't like About It

  • The look and design of the hood aren't as neutral as some of ZLINE's range hoods elsewhere. That isn't exactly a negative point, and users seem happy with the look of the unit once installed. However, it may be more of a niche taste.
  • If you wish to install ductless, you may be interested in checking out some of the other best selling ductless range hoods. As mentioned earlier, for a ductless installation you will need charcoal filters and you may also want to get the crown molding so that it looks good when flush with the ceiling, both of which are sold separately. It would be nice to see these add-ons included in the whole package.
  • The highest fan settings are reportedly very noisy. This is to be expected from speeds of up to 760 CFM; however, ZLINE's marketing suggests suction noise is quieter than 60db.
  • Some may find the marketing for the material used in construction misleading. Despite being part of the ZLINE' copper series', it is built from steel. Do make sure to read online descriptions carefully before buying. However, the hood should look great alongside genuine copper installations you may already have in your kitchen. They do say “while genuine copper will tarnish, our stainless steel copper finish will flourish without fail, for years.”

I Would Buy It If:

  1. My kitchen interior is designed in dark colors and copper or bronze finishes.
  2. I wanted a range hood, which is easy to use with safety shut-off functionality.
  3. I already trust ZLINE as a brand and manufacturer of kitchen goods.
  4. I am willing to hire a contractor to help install if I am a novice.
  5. I am looking for flexible, powerful suction and don’t mind a lot of noise at the fastest speeds.