ZLine GL14i Review

ZLINE's GL14i-30 is an island range hood manufactured using stainless stell and glass. As with other products in ZLINE's catalog, this model is made to fit a wide range of kitchen designs. For this review, I will be taking a look at the smallest in the GL14i range, which is buy from amazon 30", the other being buy from amazon 36". If you have a bigger stove, however, you may need the 36". My guide on determining the optimal range hood size could be useful.

zline GL14i review

ZLINE has produced a variety of hoods which can be installed throughout a kitchen space, feel free to check out all my ZLINE range hood reviews. This island hood is one of many they have for sale both through their store and through online retailers. A significant factor in ZLINE's range hood marketing is ease of setup, use, and quiet running.

In this review, these factors will, of course, come under scrutiny. Is the GL14i range the best that ZLINE has to offer? How does it measure up when it comes to day to day use?

ZLINE is a name which appears well-regarded and appreciated for its customer care. However, before we even consider this side of things, it's essential to break down the data. Let's take a closer look.

zline GL14i installed in a kitchen

Overview on the Features

  1. Dimensions: 30” × 24” × 38” (maximum with chimney)
  2. Weight: 60lbs
  3. Maximum Air Flow: 760 CFM. Use my CFM calculator to find out if this is what you really need
  4. The GL4i is available in 30” and 36” widths.
  5. Power: 110V / 60Hz.
  6. The hood comes fitted with four 20W directional halogen lights. These, according to ZLINE, can be upgraded to LEDs if preferred.
  7. You will be covered on parts for up to three years with a standard ZLINE warranty.
  8. As with other hoods built and designed by ZLINE, the GL14i is finished in brushed stainless steel, or '#430'.
  9. Operates at four different fan speeds up to 760 CFM.
  10. This hood can be installed vented out or ductless. Ductless installation will require carbon filters, which are sold separately.
  11. Distance from the stove is recommended at 30” to 36”.
  12. In line with other ZLINE hoods, there are baffle filters installed which can be easily removed and cleaned via dishwasher.
  13. Sound of 56 dB at the highest speed setting.
  14. The hood has a delayed shutoff and three-minute timer installed as standard. My range hood buying guide is a helpful resource if you want to know the other different features these kitchen chimneys tend to have.
  15. You can control the unit through a push-button interface.

What Makes It One of the Best?

  • The stainless glass look of the hood will appeal to most people and will fit in well in most kitchens. ZLINE's hoods are generally designed and built to be as neutral as possible for broader appeal. This is one of few hoods from ZLINE making use of glass in the design.
  • 760 CFM, available in up to four speed increments, should be enough for most users. There are more powerful hoods available, though this is a competitive standard.
  • You can upgrade the bulbs installed in the unit if you feel LEDs may be a better fit. However, these default halogens should give you more than enough illumination for most stove tasks.
  • The instructions provided online and with the unit should give you enough confidence to get started. The general consensus appears to be that this can be easily installed on your own with some help to lift it up. However, it never hurts to ask for help from a contractor. If you're doing it yourself, my installation guide could help give you some tips.
  • The unit can be vented out or installed as ductless, though you’ll need filters for the latter. Read this for information on how a ductless range hood works.
  • The unit appears to be ideal for taller ceilings, too. Please keep in mind the required installation height above the stove when determining if you need to separately buy a chimney extension or not.
  • Safety features in the automated shutoff are very welcome. This is a general standard you’ll find across many ZLINE hoods.
  • Dishwasher-friendly filters are also always welcome and are easy to remove and reinstall when needed.
  • Many hood users will appreciate the inclusion of a timer.
  • Lower power settings, according to reports, offer relatively quiet suction. That, at least, falls in line with ZLINE’s assurance of less than 60db. Do be prepared, however, for noise and volume to increase with the level of suction you require.

Features I Don't like About It

  • The instructions provided maybe a little too general for most users. Experienced installers and hood users shouldn’t have much difficulty, but the lack of detail may not offer much confidence to amateurs.
  • There is some concern over the quality of the build. While the hood looks the part as a modern kitchen standard, the jury is out over whether or not the build quality lives up to the rest of the package.
  • It may not be the best fit for smaller ceilings, particularly those at 8 feet or smaller. You may be left with little room above the stove. This is an issue which appears to run common to verified purchase reviews.
  • To install ductless, you'll need filters, which ZLINE requests you buy separately.
  • While noise is reportedly low on the two slowest fan speeds, this is said to increase at full power. Despite what ZLINE advises regarding quiet running, 760 CFM is always going to make some noise – it is to be expected, to some extent.

I Would Buy It If:

  1. I already used ZLINE products and appreciate their customer service and record.
  2. I want a range hood with variable power for a variety of tasks.
  3. A hood which is quick and easy to clean is essential.
  4. I have a relatively tall ceiling, above 8 feet at least.