ZLine ZL623 Review

ZLINE’s 623-30 is an under cabinet range hood, designed to fit into a variety of kitchen styles and setups. For the purpose of this review, I’ll be looking at the buy from amazon 30” model. It is the smallest in the line, with buy from amazon 36”, buy from amazon 42” and buy from amazon 48” variants also available. With such choice, it’s clear the brand is serious about pushing the 623 forward.

zline ZL623 review

As with many of ZLINE's products, the unit is reportedly designed to be the 'easiest to install in the industry'. Naturally, kitchen users across the US will be the judge of that. It's handy that there is a PDF installation guide that's available for you to download before you buy, though.

In this review, however, I'm going to be looking at more than just 'ease of use.' How does the ZLINE 623 measure up compared to other under cabinet hoods? What's the consensus from everyday users who have already invested?

If you’re familiar with ZLINE range hoods, you may know what you’re getting into. There is nothing wrong with brand loyalty. However, do make sure to read up on the facts before you part with any money.

zline ZL623 installed in a kitchen

Overview on the Features

  1. Dimensions: 30” × 22” × 10”. This will vary depending on the variant. To better understand what size works best for your stove, you may be interested in this range hood sizing guide.
  2. Weight: 61lbs, again, this will vary based on the size you buy.
  3. Maximum Air Flow: 900 CFM. My CFM calculator and guide could be of help.
  4. Upgrade to 36”, 42” or 48” depending on the size of your stove and cabinet.
  5. Power: 110V, or 60HZ. Amazon, however, lists this as 120V. It is better to trust ZLINE’s data.
  6. The hood is lit by 2 x LEDs (energy efficient).
  7. As with most ZLINE products, there is a three-year parts warranty offered.
  8. The official finish for the unit is '#430', or 'Brushed Stainless Steel.'
  9. Control the fan power through four, speed settings. You can switch between 280, 460, 670 and 900 CFM as you see fit.
  10. The model offers a ducted installation only. If ducting is not an option, you may be intrested in my list of best recirculating range hoods.
  11. The vent outlet size is 7”.
  12. ZLINE’s range hoods are built to provide less than 60db in noise during operation.
  13. You can clean the removable baffle filters, also built in stainless steel, in the dishwasher.
  14. Again, as with other ZLINE hoods, be prepared to keep the hood around 30” to 36” away from your stove. For more information, check out this guide on range hood height.
  15. Simple push-button controls and three-minute timer are built-in. There is also an emergency shutoff or delayed shutoff system installed. My range hood buying guide lists out typical features to look out for, all that seems to be missing is the auto-clean function and that's something I haven't come across in a model within this price range.

What Makes It One of the Best?

  • The 623 is another of ZLINE's 'easy install' models. While the jury is out to some extent on how easy it is to fit, there is at least a helpful guide provided on ZLINE's main product page. It's built to snugly fit standard stoves and spaces. However, you may still need to help of a professional installer, especially if you are a novice. My article on range hood installation tips may be of help.
  • Stainless steel baffle filters are preferred by kitchen aficionados. These have been designed for easy clean directly in a dishwasher, which will appeal to lots of potential buyers.
  • The look of the unit is designed to fit a variety of kitchens. It can be seen to blend in well with neutral styles and colors. It is unlikely you will find the 623 to look awkward, ugly, or out of place.
  • 900 CFM is a lot of power for an everyday range hood. It’s therefore ideal for both greasy or regular cooking. What's more, most users will have no problem switching between speeds via push controls.
  • LED lighting is efficient, which will appeal to plenty of homeowners. Reports show that the bulbs provided should be more than enough to illuminate your cooking area.
  • The system is designed to vent up. It's, therefore, likely to work well for users looking for smart design.
  • Most of ZLINE’s hoods come finished in stainless steel. That makes it easy to clean, meaning some everyday steel cleaner and microfiber should get greasy marks up and off in no time.
  • The timer and shutoff functions are welcome additions, particularly as they're not always so common. This promises to be a safe hood for everyday use.
  • Both ZLINE’s marketing and user consensus appear to suggest it’s one of the easiest hoods to get used to. Your experience will vary, however, so do tread with caution.

Features I Don't like About It

  • Noise appears to be an issue. While the marketing suggests less than 60db exposure at the most powerful extraction rate, this may still be too loud for some users. However, there always needs to be a trade-off between high power and noise. Ultimately, this type of system is never going to be particularly quiet.
  • ZLINE has a reputation for quality products; however, some users have discussed build quality. Your tastes may vary in this regard. If you're concerned, ask an expert to look over the unit while installing.
  • This is a ducted-only hood with venting only possible from the top of the unit.
  • The online guide, while helpful, may not be easy to navigate by an absolute novice. Make sure you have someone who can help, or arrange for an electrical contractor to install it for you.

I Would Buy It If:

  1. I trust ZLINE products and want to install one of their hoods under a cabinet.
  2. I can arrange for someone to help me install, such as an electrician.
  3. I need a lot of extraction power and am not worried about noise at the highest speed settings.
  4. I was looking for a hood which is easy to clean and maintain, and backed by a three-year warranty (check before buying).
  5. I need trusted, experienced customer service personnel to help me with my new product.