ZLINE Range Hood Reviews

ZLINE is a modern range hood brand that’s making serious waves. Some of their products are among the most powerful yet quietest available to buy right now. As such, it’s worth taking a closer look at some of their more popular hoods or kitchen chimneys to find out more about them before you buy.

ZLINE is the brainchild of Andy Zuro, headquartered both in Nevada and in Ohio. The brand is a self-described leader in kitchen innovation, and the owner has a close-knit team working to create and ship all range hoods and other standards they provide to homes across the US. They trade as a brand which promotes honesty first, which is somewhat refreshing in this day and age, regardless of the industry or product line.

ZLINE products are built to remove greasy smells and air to help clean your kitchen without the need for you to apply any elbow grease. The brand’s hoods are simple, sleekly-designed and are built with functionality in mind as the central focus. The brand is refreshingly confident and is a little more upfront about accountability and who they are than many others. Take a look at some of ZLINE's best products in more detail below.

ZLINE 623 Under Cabinet Range Hood

Reported to be the easiest to install in the industry, the ZL623 is available in different sizes; 30”, 36”, 42” and 48” and therefore caters to all regular sized stove tops. With a maximum airflow capacity of 900 CFM, it is capable of operating at four different speeds, the lower three having CFMs of 280, 460 and 670 respectively. This model must be ducted outside, there is no recirculating option. For longevity, it’s got easy to use push button controls and it also comes along with an emergency shutoff feature as well as a three minute delayed shutoff system.

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ZLINE GL14i Island Range Hood

The hood has 4 directional halogen lights which can be replaced with LED’s if you would like to according to ZLINE. Known for being quiet even at its highest speed, this hood produces 56 dB of sound which is comparable to a conversation at a restaurant. The GL14i is available in two sizes (also read my guide on range hood sizes), a 30” and 36” model and operates at four speeds: 280, 400, 580 and 760 CFM capabilities respectively. It’s got a delayed shutoff feature with a three minute time installed as a default. Carbon filters are sold separately if you choose to install in recirculating mode.

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ZLINE KB2 Wall Mount Range Hood

The KB2-BCXXX range of range hoods is somewhat unique. It includes stainless steel with copper finishes or with copper and black finishes. You’d also find some of them have rivets along the edges which make them look very classy. They are available in 30” and 36” and a carbon filter is sold separately if you want to install it without duct work. It’s got directional lighting, push buttons with a delayed shutoff feature and produces less than 60 dB of noise (a conversation at a restaurant). Operates at four speeds with 280, 400, 580 and 760 CFM (Check out my CFM calculator and guide).

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ZLINE KE Wall Mount Range Hood

Available in three sizes, 30”, 36” and 42” the ZLINE KE range is not as popular today as it was a few years ago. There was a time when this was the most visited range hood review on Kitease. The reason for the fall in popularity is most likely the fact that stuff is not aligned. Aligning on the back while installing does not translate to the front being leveled. With that aside, it’s half the price of other range hoods that offer the same looks and functionality. It’s very powerful with a maximum CFM of 760. It's got directional lighting with the perfect level of brightness along with a three minute delayed shutoff feature.

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ZLINE KB36 Wall Mount Range Hood

Another popular range hood through the years that continues to be popular even today is the ZLKB series which is available in 30”, 36”, 42” and 48” models. It comes with two directional lights situated at the back of the hood. It’s got good suction even at low speeds with a maximum CFM of 760 at speed four. It comes along with an auto shutoff function. It is half the price of other range hoods that offer the same functionality and this comes with a few drawbacks: the two bolts provided aren’t sufficient to firmly hold it in spot (tends to vibrate). You should get better wall screws and anchors from a hardware store.

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ZLINE KZ Wall Mount Range Hood

A silent range hood with a maximum sound output of 60 db the ZLINE KZB wall mount is a 30” range hood capable of being installed without ducts. It’s fairly easy to install for someone with even a limited DIY experience. It offers four speed options with the maximum having a CFM of 760. It’s got push button controls which tend to last a lot longer than electronic touch controls. The model comes along with an auto shutoff feature. Some people have complained that the sound produced at the highest speed settings make it harder to have a regular conversation in front of the hood, but this is not unexpected.

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More About ZLINE

Ranges and cooker hoods are not everything ZLINE specializes in. They’re expanding across other kitchen essentials, too. However, their heavy-duty, multi-lit range options are among their most popular products available for purchase. Durability is always guaranteed, too – as is ease of cleaning and maintenance. Your needs are obviously going to vary, but ZLINE assures its customers that they are investing in products which will weather years to come as well as provide solid day to day cooking support.

ZLINE products are available from a variety of online sources as well as their own online catalog.

ZLINE Range Hoods: Some FAQs

Are ZLINE range hoods any good?

Most people who have bought ZLINE range hoods on Amazon as verified customers seem to love their hoods because they’ve got the expensive looks, they use a good grade of metal and they are pretty silent for the power output when compared to other brands that are in a similar price range. Also, they’ve got directional lighting, offer chimney extensions (sold separately) and offer the option to convert to a ductless range hood. Many models also have auto-shut off features among other neat things such as directional lighting. To better understand the different features a range hood could possess and get a good idea on what you need to look out for, check out my detailed range hood buying guide.

If you look at the Houzz forums on the other hand, most people there who have a ZLINE love it, but the skeptics who have not really owned a ZLINE warn people to stay away because they are cheap (relatively speaking) and probably manufactured in China (they are) like all the other “bad” range hoods. The verified purchase reviews on individual ZLINE products on Houzz are favourable too. You may want to check there as well before you buy.

My take on this is that if you’ve got a fixed budget and are looking to spend under 1000 bucks or even under 500 you should not hesitate when buying a ZLINE kitchen hood once you’ve found one that suits your needs. When picking one make sure you look at reviews for that specific model just so you know what owning one is really like. There are no real drawbacks that would make one say “hey, this was a mistake”. Some lucky folk among you would even be able to go to a local ZLINE showroom to try out a product before you buy.

As I’ve said in my intro above, they are a brand that is honest (you can see their seller profile on Amazon and Houzz; they answer questions very upfront and to the point unlike some other brands).

Also, at the time of writing this, their range hoods are sold with a parts warranty of 3 years and their customer support is both efficient and very helpful. Moreover, they are building a name of themselves as the range hood brand that manufactures hoods that are easy to install.

In short, if the fact that their products are manufactured in China or the lower price range does not put you off, you don’t really have anything else to worry about.

Where are ZLINE range hoods manufactured?

As most other range hoods that offer quality at this price range, ZLINE range hoods are manufactured in China. The only brand that seems to be of the same quality that actually manufactures at home that I know of is Broan. I’m sure there are other small companies that probably have a few great models, but they don’t have the same market share, product variety, price range and customer support else, they too would have been popular. If you do find one of these smaller manufacturers and their product suits your need, awesome, if not ZLINE almost always has something that would suit your home, just because of the variety they hold.

Is ZLINE a good brand?

The answer is going to depend on what you consider “good” and I’m going to give you my perspective with a focus on their range hoods. To me and many others who have bought ZLINE products, ZLINE is not just a good brand, in fact it’s a very good brand for numerous reasons: quality products at half the price of some of its competition, amazing customer support that ships replacement parts for free (very often) and they are easy to reach too. They offer three years of warranty on their range hoods (confirm before buying) when many others offer just one year. Another reason to consider looking into them is because they have a lot of range hood options in terms of styles and functionality. It is easy to separately buy chimney extensions that easily attach to their hoods, this is something I have not seen with most of the other brands.