Zephyr Range Hood Reviews

Zephyr is one of the few range hood brands that have been founded by a family. This makes them stand out, but this alone doesn’t put them on track to being one of the best in the industry. With over two decades of experience in design and innovation, this company is known for pushing the boundaries, creating unparalleled ventilation systems both in terms of design and functions.

One of the co-founders of the brand is Alex Siow and according to him, everything in your house gives you an opportunity to showcase your very own personal expression. Therefore, he worked on this idea and has brought forward today's aesthetic and efficient Zephyr Range Hoods in order to give you something that you can be proud of displaying in your kitchen. For those of you who are not interested in knowing more about the brand in general, let’s first take a look at some reviews of their most popular models:

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AK2100BS Under Cabinet Range Hood

The typhoon series is one of the most powerful, yet silent under cabinet range hoods on the market. It’s self cleaning feature and multiple fan speeds makes it a very sought after product. At the same time, the light cannot function without the fan being switched on. Find out more.

More About Zephyr

Launched back in 1997, they're a younger brand than some of the other popular players in the market, such as Broan. Nonetheless, the level of trust that they've built up is unmatched.  They were one of the first brands to notice the need of more powerful range hoods at home. Earlier the powerful hoods were huge and meant for commercial purposes.

So, they worked on their idea and manufactured exhaust systems with high CFM's, self cleaning features, silent performance and most of all efficient functioning - features that would be near impossible to find in any other range hood at the time.

After having earned the trust of their customers it seemed like Zephyr wasn't quite satisfied yet. They went ahead to redefine the entire industry by focusing on design and style.  They've hired the best of people from across the globe and everyday they don't just work on the mechanical and electrical aspects of their range hoods, but also the aesthetics and therefore, when you buy from Zephyr you can rest assured that you're getting yourself one of the best range hoods in the industry.

While there’s a lot of praise out there, it is also important that you realize that these range hoods are top-of-the-line and therefore are a bit on the higher end in terms of pricing. Apart from the higher initial costs, you should know that their services tend to get expensive in terms of man hours, travel of their personnel, etc. You would therefore want to consider purchasing extended warranty that includes service costs.