Under Cabinet Range Hood Reviews

Here you'll find reviews on the most sought after Under Cabinet Range Hoodss as well as a Comparison between three of the best selling Under Cabinet Range Hoods.

Best Under Cabinet Range Hood Reviews: Last Updated 18th March 2016

Air King DS1308

Also available in White, Biscuit and Almond, this 200 CFM Under Cabinet Range Hood by Air King is quite the appliance. It has the capacity to hold a 60W light, adjustable at two levels of brightness. Unfortunately you only get a 1 year parts only warranty with this product. It is manufactured in the U.S. and not imported from China though. It’s got an infinite speed motor control, which means you get to pick a sped within its limits through a mechanical knob. The maximum being a speed which gives you an output of 200 CFM.

Broan 413004 30"

Also available in White, Black, Bisque, Biscuit and Almond and is the best-selling range hood on Amazon for the past couple of years – consistently. It cannot be ducted and is intended only for recirculating use. The weird thing about this range hood is the fact that it has dashes on the product box under CFM. It does displace air through its filters at 2 speeds, so it should in theory have a CFM, but I guess the manufactures deem it unnecessary. Provision for a bulb up to 75W is included. It has rocker type mechanical controls.

Broan F403004 30"

Also available in stainless steel, off white, white and silver this under cabinet range hood can be ducted vertically, horizontally or be left ventless. It’s got a 2 speed fan and provisions for a bulb up to 75W. It includes an aluminum filter but charcoal filters for ductless operation need to be purchased separately. A backdraft damper is included in the package. Two models are available: 160CFM, 6.5-Sones (3-1/4-Inch by 10-Inch discharge) or 190 CFM (7-Inch round discharge). So when buying make sure that you get the right size.

Broan QS130SS 30"

Also available in Black, White, Ivory, and Bisque this range hood by Broan is quite popular due to its ultra-quiet operation and modern looks – just 1.5 sones under normal speed due to its unique axial blade technology. It’s got a 2 speed fan and provisions for a halogen bulb with two brightness levels. A backdraft damper is included. It’s got a fully enclosed design so that there’s no dust that clogs the system and the aluminum grease filters are easy to remove and are also dishwasher friendly. Therefore maintenance is a breeze.

Eureka 30"

Quite a popular hood, probably because it is an under cabinet with a CFM of 900, not that easy to find overall good under cabinets with high CFM’s. It’s got a 4 speed electronic control panel which makes operating the hood a walk in the park. It does use stainless steel baffle filters which are also dishwasher friendly. It comes with a 3 year limited factory warranty. However, finding this product online is not easy as it doesn’t seem to be manufactured in bulk. As soon as it’s out on the market it gets sold out. Good luck finding it if this is what you want.

Golden Vantage GV-R01-75 30"

Probably one of the best under cabinet range hoods if you’re looking for a powerful CFM (900). However, there’s been a lot of complains after a year of use with the control system going all haywire and the sensor turning on in the middle of the night. However, this problem can be solved and a free replacement can be sent on contacting customer service. If you’re willing to go through this trouble every year, it’s definitely a good buy; personally I would go for it if these were my requirements. No range hood out there is guaranteed to be problem free.