Golden Vantage GV-R01-75 30 Inch Under Cabinet Range Hood

The Golden Vantage GV-R01-75 is by far the most visited range hood here on Kitease, for controversial reasons. You’ve probably landed on this page after looking for reviews on the GV-R01-75, and if that’s the case you’re definitely looking for some clarifications; because this range hood has a lot of conflicting reviews on Amazon (Check them out yourself).

Plenty of 1 star reviews over the past year, compared to an equal number of 5 star reviews over the previous years – now that’s saying something, isn’t it?

This could either mean two things, competitors are out to tarnish the repuation of this range hood or the hood seems to have problems after a year or so of operation. We're going to look into this in detail, in a bit...

For now let’s just ignore what others are saying, as it’s not what we need to focus on. Instead, today, we’re going to find out whether it’s the perfect choice for YOUR home. Don’t get me wrong, the opinion of others is of paramount importance and you must check out reviews before you finally decide to buy this or any other range hood.

Design and Control of this Under Cabinet Range Hood

A bright and contemporary look for your kitchen, this Golden Vantage Range Hood goes above and beyond the norm of cheaper alternatives such as those manufactured by Broan (Which are also pretty darn good for their price range).

This powerful piece of machinery is run by two motors and is capable of running at four pre-programmed speeds. Without the right control system, the best of hoods can turn out to be a pain. Keeping that in mind, the designers have crafted a nifty remote control just for you.

Crafted in the likeness of Modern European Design, this Stainless Steel range hood is well protected against rust. You’d also notice that the stainless steel baffles installed are easy to remove and dishwasher friendly! You couldn’t ask for more if you’re looking for easy maintenance.

Power, Savings and Lighting – Important features you shouldn’t neglect

If you’ve gone through our Range Hood buying guide you’d know the role these seemingly unimportant features play in the final decision making process. Experts classify kitchen lighting into the following categories:

  • Mood Lighting – Around 40 Watt
  • Average Lighting – 60 to 75 Watt
  • Task Lighting – 100 Watt

This Golden Vantage 30” Hood has the capacity to house up to two 35 watt halogen bulbs. Even though this can turn out to be pretty bright, it’s advised that you only use this as an auxiliary source of light; because, their main function is to light up your cooking range (Not the kitchen as a whole). Therefore, it would be wise to install a brighter bulb in a strategic position to light up the entire room.

The inbuilt gas sensor and the non-return air flap are just some of the many reasons people choose this range hood against many others.

Some more information

The dual motors allow this range hood to run at around 900 CFM. Moreover, it’s built to satisfy ETL safety standards in the United States and Canada.


This unit comes with an installation guide, although some users have stated that details in it are rather sketchy. But since this unit weighs in at 62 pounds, it will take at least two men to install no matter how easy the process. There’s no way you would be able to install this hood all by yourself unless you have a strategy to hold it in place.

Installation shouldn’t be a problem as a template is shipped along, using which you would be able to drill holes in the right places and mount screws without worrying about your math skills. Read what D. Ervin had to say about his/her installation experience.


  • Affordable 4 year warranty.
  • Dual motors that operate in ultra-quiet mode.
  • High quality stainless steel construction.
  • Nifty remote control.
  • Easy Maintenance.
  • Bright Halogen bulbs.


  • Instructions can be vague.
  • Is quite heavy, with a weight of 62 pounds.
  • Pricy compared to the other Under Cabinet Range Hood options.

Other Information

  • Rated voltage of 120V.
  • Rated frequency of 60 Hz.
  • Noise level of 65 decibels.

Questions Related to this Range Hood

What is the Power Level in Watts and Noise Level in Sones?

The motor has a rated power of 198W and the noise level is around 98dB

Do the lights have intensity options?

That's a good question to ask. Most Range Hoods have bulbs whose intensities can be varied. The Golden Vantage GV-RO1-75 is said to have 2 lighting options.

Can this Range Hood Vent from the back?

Sadly, no. As described this range hood can only be vented from the top. There's an 8" non adjustable duct situated on the top.

What Gauge of Stainless Steel has been used?

There are no clear descriptions about the gauge used. But customers say the steel is really thick, rigid and sturdy and probably well over 18 gauge.

Is there a no-return flap?

A no-return flap is nothing but a damper. The product description states that the range hood comes along with a flap, but all customers who've written reviews stated that they didn't receive any flap. But, a few of them did visit their local hardware store and buy one for around $7 - $10.

Can I switch off the automatic Sensor?

The auto sensor by default is switched off. However, you can toggle easily with the push of a single button. The right most button on the hood is the one you need to use to control this option.

Other Questions

There are other questions that customers have asked on Amazon, most shoppers don't bother checking them out, but in order to make an informed decision you should definitely take a look.

The final say

Right from its design, this Golden Vantage 30” Range Hood was built keeping the customer in mind. As most of you wouldn’t want the automatic sensor to be working all the time, the manufacturer has left it off by default. It’s really simple to toggle though.

An extended 4 year warranty at an economical cost has motivated customers as it instils confidence in the product. Golden vantage customer service has been known to be top notch. Nonetheless it’s not a small investment, now that you’ve got our view about this range hood, it’s time to go read verified customer reviews.

Analysis of the Bad Reviews - What's the verdict?

I'm going to go all out and assume you've alredy checked out the plethora of positive and negative reviews this range hood has received over the last couple of years. Let's just jump right to the point and analyse the situation:

So, what's the actual problem people tend to face after a while?

The display and the control panel tend to get faulty after a certain period of time, most customers faced problems a year or so after installation. There was one case where they had a problem right out of the box, so test the hood before you install it, just to be on the safe side. You can read this review here: Check it out

Are the reviews by competitors or genuine customers?

Careful analysis of the reviews suggets that they are all (or most of them) customer reviews. There's no brand out there that's waging war against Golden Vantage, at least not through this medium.

However, if you go through every review received so far, you would notice a trend. There are quite a few people who have contacted support, but to no avail. I'm going to go on a limb and say that they are emailing the wrong id, or contacting the wrong people. I say this with confidence, because we've received a few queries ourselves, when it is clear that we only review and don't sell Range Hoods. These are the 1 star reviews.

On the other hand, there are those that have contacted Golden Vantage successfuly and received immediate replies with a day or at most within a week, and had the replacement part shipped to them, for free. It was a no hassle process and you'd notice that these people have rated badly, only to return and give it a 4 star and sometimes a 5 star rating once again.

Afterall, replacement of the parts is not that difficult, read this review to know more (Also included is a personal video of the Range Hood in action).

GV-R01-75 Circuit Board Removal


GV-R01-75 Control Panel Replacement


Why return to rate it well after fixing it?

Why a good rating after all the trouble, was the question we needed an answer to. It was a pretty simple and straight forward answer though, they just loved every other aspect of the range hood and couldn't find any better alternative in terms of quality and functionality for home use. Of the many reviews that say the blower is the best they've ever had and it is as promised, there are around 2 reviews that say the fan was not as powerful as promised. Probably the ducting was not done right in those cases, as bends and other factors can affect the power of any range hood. Take a look at this review regarding the ducting.

Got a problem that needs fixing related to this range hood? Or are you having trouble contacting customer service? If you've answered yes to any of the above, this is the best way to contact them, via their Amazon sellers page or you could try their main website too.