Golden Vantage GVBI 36" Wall Mount Range Hood

A powerful 760 CFM motor and 2 LED lights at the back; a non-return air flap pre-installed and more. A push button interface allows you to operate the fan at 3 speeds. This Golden Vantage range hood is quite a seller, making it to the top charts on Amazon, for example.

Warranty and Return: Golden Vantage

You can return or exchange your Golden Vantage Range Hood within 30 days of purchase. Just make sure that you buy from an authorised dealer: Amazon, Houzz, Newegg, Overstock, Rakuten, Sears, ShopRangeHoods or Wayfair.

Every range hood comes along with a 3 year parts warranty.

For warranty information we advise you to check out the official Golden Vantage Retailer Page, all the information provided above is just for information purposes.

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