Cavaliere Range Hood Reviews

Cavaliere is an innovator in kitchen tech which has been around for some time now. Since then, it’s spread itself across hoods of all varieties. Under cabinet models, island hoods, wall mounted systems – they’ll do it all. What’s more, their main focus is on leading the way in terms of modern technology. As the brand states, they’re focused on customer care as much as style and functionality, too. However, this is probably something you should expect. What sets Cavaliere hoods apart from the competition?

That all depends on what you’re looking for. Cavaliere’s stainless steel approach to range hood design is exceptionally versatile, to start with. A great range hood is one which performs well and which looks great. Cavaliere can, according to users, be depended on when it comes to aesthetics, though they also compete well from a power perspective. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best Cavaliere hoods on the market.

Cavaliere-Euro SV218D-I36 Island Range Hood

Definitely not the island range hood if you’re on a tight budget, the Cavaliere – Euro SV218D Island Mount Range Hood is an amazing product with a 900 CFM motor, yet functions within the sound level of 25 – 56dB. The telescopic chimney is ideal for homes up to a 9 foot ceiling. It’s got a 6 inch round duct and dishwasher safe aluminum mesh filters. It’s got 6 speed levels to choose from. Lighting is another strong point, with 4 dimmable 35W halogen bulbs. There’s also a timer function as an added feature. With a touch sensitive keypad, delayed shutoff and a 30 hour cleaning reminder, this hood rocks.

More About Cavaliere

Cavaliere's hoods have had the distinction of claiming that hallowed ‘Amazon's Choice' button a few times. On top of this, their kitchen installations are often very well-reviewed by the average buyer. Most make a point of how sleek and straightforward the designs of these hoods are for their price tags. I have to agree – but beyond this, the power and functionality you get in return are often worth the cost, too.

Cavaliere is a leading range hood specialist with an excellent online presence. They also benefit from having innovative engineers working with them. The fact that they've been headhunted by Amazon can't hurt, either. Generally, a powerful, multi-functional air suction unit which will slide in well into any kitchen mainly comes as standard. However, as always, do take a look at what I have to say about each product before you buy.