BV-RH-801 Range Hood Everything You Need to Know

A range hood with a solid construction, the BV-RH-801 is quite a popular range hood, especially among people who cook a lot of asian food, steaks or fish. It’s slightly more powerful than the Chef PS18 with a suction capacity of 900 CFM compared to the Chef’s 860 CFM, but it also outperforms the Chef in the sound department. The drawback though, is that this model does not have a grease capture unit and therefore needs to be cleaned more often to continue working efficiently. That’s enough of a comparison, let’s take a look at the specifications and dive into the many benefits and drawbacks of the BV-RH-801, shall we?

Overview on the Features

  1. Dimensions: 29.5” wide, 19.5” deep and 6” in height.
  2. The shipped product weighs 39.1 pounds
  3. Powerful dual motors that operate at 4 fan speed settings delivering a maximum of 900 CFM. The four speeds are termed Quiet, Low, Medium and High. Quiet: 385 CFM, Low: 490 CFM, Medium: 615 CFM and High: 900 CFM.
  4. The noise level at these respective speed options are 1.5 sones, 3.5 sones, 5.3 sones and 7.5 sones respectively.
  5. The minimum installation height above the cook top is 24” and the maximum is 32” with the recommended height being between 27” and 30”.
  6. It cannot function as a recirculating range hood and must be ducted outside. Also, you only have one ducting option, a circular duct through the top with a diameter of 6”.
  7. Ships with two high intensity, LED bulbs, each 3W.
  8. By default, it is set up to be installed under a cabinet and cannot be installed directly on a wall.
  9. Manufactured in China.

What Makes It One of the Best?

Features I Don't like About It

I Would Buy It If:

  1. I need a range hood with multiple speed capabilities, with the maximum being sufficient for intense cooking.
  2. I were looking for a quiet range hood.
  3. I had someone to help me install the hood, it’s a two person job.
  4. I was not looking for a range hood with a night light function.
  5. It is possible for me to install ducting.
  6. Customer service is important to me.