Broan QS130SS 30 Inch Under Cabinet Range Hood Review

The Broan QS130SS Allure Range Hood is one of the most popular range hoods not just for its exhaust capabilities, but also its amazing 2 way lighting. You can fit 2 halogen bulbs into the hood and it offers you two settings: focussed and bright which can be used as per your convenience.

Fan Speeds

The range hood comes equipped with a powerful mother that is capable of running at two speeds. It’s powerful enough for home use, but for homes with very high exhaust needs, this range hood may not be the best option.

Silent Operation

When compared to the other range hoods in this category, the Broan QS130SS is definitely one of the most silent hoods in the market. Operating at just 1.5 sones at low speeds and 5 sones at high speed, this range hood is ideal for all kitchens.

Air Flow

Even though it may not seem like a vented hood, this model has the option of both ducted and non-ducted ventilation. The air flow in both cases is superior and hence it manages to maintain your kitchens atmosphere.


Installation of this range hood isn’t a problem at all as you have the option to install it directly into your kitchen or you could also install it by connecting it to vents.

In the package you’ll find included a damper and adapter which prevents backdrafts and this is very crucial for ducted installations. However, if you opt for the non-duct installation you would have to buy charcoal filters separately and attach them in their respective sockets.


The motor and other components of the range hood are completely enclosed and therefore there are no problems when it comes to maintenance of this range hood.

Moreover, to make the cleaning process even simpler, the hood has large filters which are made up of dishwasher safe material and hence there’s not much that you need to do.


The Broan QS130SS, manufactured by Broan is one of their best sellers and they make sure that you get the best piece. If at all you come across any defect they are known to replace the part or if necessary the entire hood at no cost to you.

Also, after the warranty period if there are any maintenance issues it would be easy to find a service station that would be able to help sought out your problem.


  • Duct & Non-Duct Installation
  • Silent operation
  • 4 Way Installation


  • Only 2 Speeds
  • Bulbs not included