Range Hood Reviews

I know for a fact that there is no particular range hood that works for everyone. Yes, there are some great models and some that are not worthy of mention. But how do you pick the right one for your home from the many "great models"? That's where I come in. I've done the research for you.

Together with my years of experience working with range hoods, the research I've carried out on consumer forums such as Houzz, the feedback on various merchant sites such as Amazon, eBay, and AJMadison and very importantly the back and forth communication I've had with manufacturers to clarify information on their models and service procedures has resulted in range hood reviews that are honest and to the point thereby saving you hours and hours of research. But, I still recommend that you do your own research before you buy a product, my goal is to guide you, that's all. Before we jump into the actual reviews, there are just two points that you MUST keep in mind. You could also directly skip to the range hood reviews by installation type or by brand.

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Range Hoods

When buying range hoods, it is vital that you keep the following points in mind as they often end up burdening you as additional unexpected costs:

  • Warranty: No matter the brand or the product, there is a possibility that the range hood has faults after a year of operation (a common initial warranty period). Replacement parts are typically expensive and it is highly recommended that you also buy the extended warranty whenever you buy a range hood. This is something I recommend on all high end appliances.
  • Installation Costs: It's very likely that you are not a professional at DIY projects and you may not have the confidence to install the range hood yourself. Therefore, when keeping your budget in mind, make sure that you leave room for installation costs. At times professional help for 2-4 hours. In case of heavier hoods, it's possible that you would have to hire two people to get the job done.

Apart from the critical points above that most people tend to forget about, there are plenty of other factors to consider when picking a range hood for your kitchen. Please check out our range hood buying guide to help you better understand this appliance.

Kitchen Hood Reviews by Installation Type and With or Without Ducting

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Under Cabinet Hood Reviews

Under cabinet range hoods, as the name suggests are typically to be placed under a cabinet, but there are a few models that allow you to install them directly onto the wall. These are not termed wall-mount hoods because they lack the canopy that is a norm in most wall-mount models. Moreover, these particular models can be installed both under a cabinet as well as on the wall and hence retain the term under cabinet range hoods. You’re going to find my reviews thorough, yet to the point. Learn more.

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Wall Mount Hood Reviews

Wall mount range hoods are the perfect choice if you’ve got a cooking range backed up against a wall and have no cabinets directly over the cook top. Typically these ventilation units have chimneys and most decent models come with telescopic chimneys allowing for seamless installation in homes with different ceiling heights. My reviews on these range hoods are very thorough, and I only cover the best selling units, thereby helping you reduce the reach of your search. Have fun! Learn more.

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Island Hood Reviews

The least popular of the lot, but the kind that is most sought after during kitchen re-models, island range hoods are perfect for those of us who’ve got an island cook top. No, not everyone finds this obvious. Island hoods are designed to be the focal point of your kitchen, and are therefore available in a multitude of styles, in terms of design, colors and finishes. My reviews are meant to help you find the perfect hood for your home by doing the research work for you. Good luck finding the best. Learn more.

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Ductless Hood Reviews

There are plenty of cases wherein we do not have the opportunity to install range hood ducting and therefore, have no option to really exhaust air from our kitchens. In such situations, you’re going to want to get yourself a ductless range hood. A very important fact to keep in mind is that you should ALWAYS have ducting if you use a gas range, because a ductless range hood cannot get rid of the toxic (when in large quantities) gases that emanate from a gas stove. Some ductless models are spectacular. Learn more.



Browse Range Hoods by Manufacturer

Air King

Air King offers an extensive variety of range hoods, and they boast that they offer one of the widest ranges of Energy Star qualified kitchen ventilation products serving all budgets and performance requirements.


Akdy offers over 200 range hood options that incorporate stylish design and superior manufacturing processes. They use technology well offering unexpected features such as remote-controlled hidden vent systems.


Broan is a household name in the range hood industry offering range hoods with a stainless steel finish as well as other popular finishes and colors, not seen in other brands. They offer fast, effective ventilation.


They have a complete stainless steel collection of range hoods, along with the latest features and controls, making them a forerunner in the Range Hood industry with a special understanding of your kitchen.


Offering some of the best warranty periods in the industry, Chef is one of the few brands that critically takes user feedback into consideration. It’s no wonder their products rank among the best sellers.


Eureka offers a unique collection of stove hoods. They aren't really technologically advanced, so finding information is hard. That's why we've reviewed their most popular products, to help you make informed decisions.


Frigidaire does not offer a variety, which maybe a good thing. They do sell downdraft hoods, wall mount, island mount as well as under cabinet hoods; all within a good price range. You should check them out.

Golden Vantage

Golden Vantage offers over 200 options in wall, island and under cabinet hoods. Most designs include high quality and easy to use LED touch panels. High power and quiet operation, due to their noise absorption technology.

Kitchen Bath Collection

Our personal best choice of range hood brand would be Kitchen Bath Collection, due to their excellent customer service and response to customer feedback. The few models on display could be exactly what you need.

Z Line

Z Line is another industry leader offering range hoods which are very durable and reliable. They offer powerful, yet silent operating hoods in the island, wall mount and under cabinet categories at competitive prices.


Zephyr is one of the more popular high end range hood brands and I would highly recommend their products to people looking for top-of-the-line kitchen ventilation systems. The features on their hoods are unparalleled.