Do I need a Range Hood Backdraft Damper?

You know you need an exhaust system to get rid of cooking odors and potentially toxic fumes, but do you also know that you may need a range hood backdraft damper? Do you even know what it is? Many people don’t, you are not alone.

What Is a Range Hood Backdraft Damper?

A backdraft damper serves as a way to prevent outside air from flowing into your kitchen. When a range hood without a backdraft damper is switched off, it is still allowing air into your kitchen, somewhat like an opened window (though not exactly the same). This probably drives up your utility bills during the months that you’ve got your heaters turned on.

That is not to say a range hood with a backdraft damper is always closed . It acts just like a vent, opening when necessary, and closing when the range hood is not in use.

So, Do I Really Need One?

This is largely up to you. The choice to install one is dependent upon several factors. If you live in a cold climate, odds are you would see a considerable benefit from installing one.

The same can be said if you live in an area that is extremely hot and humid. The last thing you need is conditioned air escaping, and hot air entering.

If on the other hand, you live in an area with a relatively moderate climate, an area where you do not run air conditioning or heating very often, you are likely to see less value in Installing one of these.

I’m Still Not Sure

If you are still not sure if you really need one, consider asking around. Friends, family, and neighbors that live in the same area may be able to give you some idea.