Range Hoods - Everything You Need to Know

The range hood is the chief ventilation unit of a kitchen and consists of three main components:

  1. The Hood: Serves as canopy collecting all the smoke and fumes that emanate from the cooking surface.
  2. The Blower System: Sucks in the emissions of all kinds.
  3. Ducting: It exhausts the emissions out of your kitchen through a duct network.

It is important to understand that ducting is not always a part of the system, for more on this please refer to our page that discusses ductless range hoods. But irrespective of the type of installation you carry out, the range hood has two main functions: minimize cooking smells, condensation, and heat and the other important function is the prevention of grease build up all around your kitchen.

Let's Dive Right in - What Do You Seek?

Use the navigation below to read reviews, check out detailed and informative buying guides, general information on installation, calculators to help you determine the size of the range hood you need and a lot of helpful posts that will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed buying decision. I hope that I could help even in the smallest possible way. Good luck!

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Under Cabinet Hood Reviews

If you’ve got a wall backed range with a cabinet above you’re cooktop, you’re going to need an under cabinet range hood. Check out my thorough reviews of the best selling models.

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Wall Mount Hood Reviews

I’ve thoroughly researched the best selling wall mount hoods on the market to provide you with exceptional insider information. You’re sure to learn something new today.

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Island Hood Reviews

Are you looking for island ventilation units for your newly re-modeled kitchen? I’ve researched and reviewed the most sought after models. Check out my reviews and use it as a guide.

Ductless Hood Reviews

You cannot install ducting for some reason? I hear ya! I’ve picked the best ductless range hoods on the market and I’ve dug deep into customer reviews, manufacture specs and I’ve interrogated sellers to help you find the best.

Range Hood Buying Guide

Do you know the many options that lie before you? Many people buy something in haste only to later realize they had better options. I’d recommend that you understand exactly what you need. This guide will help.

CFM Calculator

How powerful must your range hood be? There are a lot of factors that need to be considered: dimensions of your kitchen, the length of your ducting, the bends in ducting and more. Use this free calculator to know what you need.

Installation Guide

There’s no one guide fits all when it comes to range hood installation. But there are quite a few common pointers that could help you no matter what kind of range hood you buy. This is the point of this installation guide.


Do you have a burning question in mind? You’re almost never the first. Before you decide to contact us or look around the web for specifics, why not take a look at our range hood FAQ? You may learn something you never thought about.

Installation Height Above Stove

Most people do not give this a second thought, but obeying your manufacturers recommended installation height is crucial for safety as well as optimum performance. Read this guide to understand more.

Do You Need a Backdraft Damper?

If you’ve got a range hood that is ducted, you’re probably going to want to have a backdraft damper to prevent the loss of heated or cooled air, and to also prevent insects from creeping in. You’re going to love this article.

Determine the Dimensions of the Range Hood I Need

Struggling to determine the right dimensions of your range hood? Every dimension has a role to play for the effective elimination of grease, smoke and other fumes from your kitchen. Check this out for details.


Browse Range Hoods by Manufacturer

Air King

Air King offers an extensive variety of range hoods, and they boast that they offer one of the widest ranges of Energy Star qualified kitchen ventilation products serving all budgets and performance requirements.


Akdy offers over 200 range hood options that incorporate stylish design and superior manufacturing processes. They use technology well offering unexpected features such as remote-controlled hidden vent systems.


Broan is a household name in the range hood industry offering range hoods with a stainless steel finish as well as other popular finishes and colors, not seen in other brands. They offer fast, effective ventilation.


They have a complete stainless steel collection of range hoods, along with the latest features and controls, making them a forerunner in the Range Hood industry with a special understanding of your kitchen.


Offering some of the best warranty periods in the industry, Chef is one of the few brands that critically takes user feedback into consideration. It’s no wonder their products rank among the best sellers.


Eureka offers a unique collection of stove hoods. They aren't really technologically advanced, so finding information is hard. That's why we've reviewed their most popular products, to help you make informed decisions.


Frigidaire does not offer a variety, which maybe a good thing. They do sell downdraft hoods, wall mount, island mount as well as under cabinet hoods; all within a good price range. You should check them out.

Golden Vantage

Golden Vantage offers over 200 options in wall, island and under cabinet hoods. Most designs include high quality and easy to use LED touch panels. High power and quiet operation, due to their noise absorption technology.

Kitchen Bath Collection

Our personal best choice of range hood brand would be Kitchen Bath Collection, due to their excellent customer service and response to customer feedback. The few models on display could be exactly what you need.

Z Line

Z Line is another industry leader offering range hoods which are very durable and reliable. They offer powerful, yet silent operating hoods in the island, wall mount and under cabinet categories at competitive prices.


Zephyr is one of the more popular high end range hood brands and I would highly recommend their products to people looking for top-of-the-line kitchen ventilation systems. The features on their hoods are unparalleled.