Shun Premier Chef's Knife Review

The Shun Premier Chef’s Knife is very similar to the Shun DM0706 Classic. The only difference between these two is that the Shun Premier is ambidextrous (Can be used by both right as well as left handed people with the same level of comfort). It’s a top contender when you consider the best Japanese Chef Knives. Once you read on and learn more about this knife you’ll see what I mean. However, like always I’m going to say – don’t buy a knife unless you’ve actually held it and given it a try. Of course you can always buy online to save on a few bucks – everyone does that.

Build and Appearance

The core of the Shun Premier consists of VG stainless steel and both sides of the core are clad with 16 layers each of Damascus steel, made up of SUS410 and SUS431 Stainless steel. This cladding helps increase the flexibility of the knife apart from the strength.

As you can see in the picture, the Damascus styling doesn’t just add to the overall beauty of this knife, but also creates pockets of air. Don’t worry they’re microscopic and are every chef’s best friend. These air pockets are caused by the hand hammered finish ‘Tsuchime’ (Which literally means Hammer eyes in Japanese) and help reduce drag when the knife slices through veggies and meats. It also prevents the chopped food from sticking to the knife – a common problem many of us face in the kitchen.

You can either buy the 6” or 8” knife. The 8” being the most popular as it’s the size most people are comfortable with.

Handle Material and Style

The Pakkawood handle has a walnut finish and offers the user a comfortable grip in a variety of positions. So there isn’t a lot of adjustment when you just begin using this knife. The handle is oblong in shape and as already mentioned both left and right handed people will find it comfortable keeping this knife under control. The handle is made up of resin-impregnated hardwood and is also NSF certified for commercial use.

Blade Angle and Bevel

Some of you are asking whether this knife is sharpened on both edges – Most kitchen knives aren’t and neither is this. It is sharpened only on one edge and is double beveled. By Edge we mean a side. Some people get confused with this fact. You need a knife and not a sword :D The knife is finished for precision with a blade angle of 16 degrees on either side of the bevel, with a total included angle of 32 unlike other knives which have blade angles of around 20 – 22 on each side. Hence this Shun Premier knife is a lot sharper than most.  It ships sharpened and ready to use!

Maintenance and Sharpening

Whether you use it daily or only on special occasions you’re not going to have to worry about rusting issues as the metal used is corrosion resistant. Also the knife is dishwasher friendly and comes with a limited lifetime warranty: Know more. But you’re advised to wash by hand and air dry or wipe it dry for optimum performance and longevity of the sharpened edge.

The Shun Premier just like the Classic is popular because of the edge retention and its overall ease of sharpening. The manufacture recommends weekly honing if you use it regularly, but as a home user that’s not really necessary. Nonetheless, all good knives require honing and if you do it, you’re be satisfied with your purchase. As an added benefit, Shun knives can be shipped back to the manufacture for free professional sharpening – Now that’s called customer service!