Global G2 8" Chef Knife Review

The Global G2 Chef’s Knife is a knife of dreams. Most Chef’s and professional cooks who’ve worked with heavier and popular European and Japanese makes such as Wusthoff and the Shun Classic and Premier series have found the Global G2 to be superior.

When compared to the Shun Elite series there isn’t much of an edge on sharpness as they are pretty much the same with Global being a bit better. If you’ve seen the Shun Elites you’d notice that they are much shiner with a better finish and taper to a straight point. However, the Global G2 has somewhat burred concave edges which allow this knife to slice through frozen meats, vegetables and fruits with ease. This also implies that the Global will stay sharper for a longer period of time.

Everyone loves their Shun knives, the same can’t be said for Wusthoff. Nonetheless the Global G2 is obviously a knife designed the way a Chef wants it to be as it rips through food effortlessly. Moreover, the G2 is cheaper than the other alternatives. I could just go on and on about why it’s a better buy than most. Probably you can check out other customer reviews to know how others feel, while I get into the details and specs of this masterpiece.

Build and Appearance

This knife is designed keeping the Samurai sword design in mind, just like most Japanese chef knives. The blade is made up of molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel which is both light and strong. When forging these knives the blade is heated to a high temperature and then ice-tempered in order to create the strong blade.

As you can clearly see, there is no Damascus design as in the case of the Shun knives, rather it’s got a mirror finish. If you seek glamor this may be a minor drawback. Of course the G2 is pretty too - Pretty awesome ;)

Handle Material and Style

Another striking feature of the Global G2 is the fact that the handle is stainless steel and not wood or a polymer. The handle has plenty of dimples that assist with grip. The handle is relatively smaller than other European counterparts making them easy for people with small hands too.  Of course it’s designed for the large hand folk out there too (such as me). 

What makes the Global G2 one of the best knives out there is the fact that the handle and blade are not separated by a bolster (A bolster is usually used to achieve balance). Rather there is a seamless connection from the tip of your cutting blade to the end of the handle. Instead of using a bolster, the Global G2 uses a hollow handle filled with sand to achieve balance.

You’re not going to find yourself fumble or pause to get a grip on this knife as you have definitely experienced with other knives. The sand flows inside the handle as you maneuver the blade ensuring continuous balance.

Being a single piece, entirely metal you may worry about safety. Rest assured that Global has taken that into account and they have crafted a finger notch between the handle and blade.

Blade Angle and Bevel

The knife is sharper than traditional European knives because of the acute blade angle. There is no specification that could be found for the exact angle and without the right instruments it’s next to impossible to accurately measure the angle. Anyway as the sharpness is similar to the Shun series, I’d say 16 degrees per side is a good ball park figure.  

The blade is face ground and exhibits a prominent taper (to the keen eye) rather than the regular short bevel. This ensures that the knife remains sharp for more strokes than usual.

Maintenance and Sharpening

The knife can go a good 300-400 strokes without losing its sharpness. But, if you’re a Chef or just working in your home kitchen and want it to be at its best performance all the time you should ideally sharpen it after every use or at least once a week.

On another note, make sure that you don’t let the knife go completely blunt as sharpening it once this happens will never give you the initial sharpness unless you’re a pro at sharpening. Anyway, Global recommends a ceramic sharpener or a diamond steel and not metal sharpening steel. You can supplement the process with a ceramic whetstone, a synthetic whetstone or a Shinkansen sharpener. They even sell a sharpening guide rail so that the blade is honed at the exact angle when working on a whetstone.

Global knives and all knives in general should be ideally hand washed to safeguard the edges.  The Global G2 comes with a lifetime warranty on breakage and defects.