KitchenAid Spiralizer Attachment Scrutinized

Anyone who already owns a KitchenAid stand mixer will probably know that it's versatile. Its modern range of mixers allows you to fix on different tools as attachments. These, can help to create all sorts of culinary masterpieces.

In this review, I'll be taking a look at the Spiralizer Plus, known by some through its part number, the KSM2APC. Spiralizing vegetables is nothing new, but does KitchenAid change the game with this add-on? Let's find out.

Overview of the Features

  • Dimensions: 5.8 × 12.4 × 2.9 inches
  • Weight: 2.4lbs
  • The device arrives with six different blades. These can be used to slice or spiralize fruit and vegetables.
  • The spiralizing blades offer three thicknesses from medium down to extra fine.
  • The slicing blades, too, allow you to core produce at various dimensions.
  • The device and blades fit directly onto all generic KitchenAid stand mixer units.
  • It's built-in stainless steel for easy clean down and years of use.
  • You can clean the blades in a dishwasher; however, the main unit is wipe-clean.
  • The device comes with a case for easy storage. That falls in line with KitchenAid's wider line, which is generally quick and easy to store and take back out again. It shouldn't take up too much space.
  • What Makes It One of the Best?

    • As a KitchenAid add-on, it is already popular with many people for ease of use and affixation. That means provided you have a KitchenAid mixer unit already; you shouldn't have any difficulty getting it up and running.
    • Many users advise that it is straightforward to use. Unlike some spiralizers, this appears to be a 'plugin and play' model. That is, in the sense that all you have to do is fix the unit to your power base, and away you go. There is a counter-argument on offer that it can take time to perfect your spiralizing. I'll come to this a little further down in my review.
    • The consensus appears to be that this device is fantastic for coring and spiralizing large batches of fruit and vegetables for storage. Indeed, if you're in the habit of freezing produce for later use, this add-on may make preparation a little easier.
    • Unlike some KitchenAid add-ons, the spiralizer appears to be among the easiest to clean and maintain. Washing down the main unit may be tricky if there is a mess. However, running the blades through the top rack of your dishwasher is very simple.
    • The unit works well with the central power provided by a KitchenAid mixer. Therefore, you can rely on a sturdy motor to push through even the toughest of fruit and vegetables.
    • People even say that this spiralizer is a lot of fun! Spiralizing produce can be a quick and fun way to decorate dishes, and to make everyday fruit and veg a little more appealing.

    Features I Don't like About It

    • As with some other KitchenAid add-ons on the market, the price may lock a few people out. I feel there are more affordable spiralizers out there. However, there may be a good trade-off for you if you already use your KitchenAid mixer a lot, or if you feel getting this add-on will be a worthy investment.
    • It appears to be open to counterfeiting. Even a glance at some online reviews will tell you that, in some cases, the authentic model is often overlooked in favour of inferior quality products. Some people have concerns over KitchenAid's modern manufacturing. However, this is a different problem which is well worth looking out for.
    • Other concerns centre on that, while the unit and blades are easy to fit, they could be more secure. This can leave some of the fixtures and fittings feeling a bit flimsy or loose. When you're handling sharp blades at high speeds, that's something you're going to want to be assured about.
    • Users also suggest that the device and pieces are only fit for certain types of produce. More awkwardly-shaped vegetable and fruit, for example, may not spiralizer as well as you'd expect, but this is expected and nearly impossible to work around. Anyone who’s experienced in working with a spiralizer or a lathe machine would understand this. It's generally advised that you should be careful using big, bulky produce, too. My advice would be, given the reviews available, that you should start small, and experiment your way up.
    • Users advise that patience is critical. While plenty of KitchenAid mixer add-ons are perfect for getting to grips with right away, perfection is something that is going to take time here. What's more, there seems to be disagreement on how efficient the device is. Some report that it can quickly core a stack of apples in a few minutes. Others, meanwhile, claim that the device and blades are clunky and take their time.
    • The unit and accessories' guide, which comes supplied, has received harsh criticism. While it offers you enough information to get started, a few users have complained that there isn't enough guidance. Some even suggest looking for YouTube tutorials. My advice would be to take this with a pinch of salt and to see how you get on.
    • There may be a need for extensive preparation before use. Some users claim that you can't expect to insert fruit and vegetables directly into the device. Some peeling and cutting is, therefore, advised. That may also be the case for other spiralizers on the market, however. Your needs may well vary.

    I Would Buy It If:

    1. I already owned a KitchenAid mixer, and I was curious to try out a new attachment for fruit and vegetables.
    2. I didn't mind paying a little more than usual for the convenience of spiralizing with ease.
    3. I was willing to take the time to learn how to use a spiralizer and parts to get perfect results.
    4. I wanted to find quick, new and creative ways to garnish meals and to make the most out of my everyday produce.