Tribest CS-1000 Everything You Need to Know

The Tribest CitriStar CS-1000 Citrus Juicer is designed to easily extract juice from small to large citrus fruits. All you need to do is hold down the fruit on the reamer and it switches on. The spout can be lifted to prevent juice from flowing onto the counter when the glass is removed.

This citrus juicer isn’t built for 100% pulp free juice, there is a little pulp, sadly the amount of pulp cannot be controlled. If you need more pulp you’re going to need to scoop some out from the strainer and it to your glass of juice. On the other hand, if you want it to be completely pulp free you’d need to pass it through a fine mesh strainer.


The Tribest citrus juicer is manufactured such that it can extract juice from small citrus fruits such as limes as well as larger fruit such as grapefruit. It comes along with two reamers, the larger reamer fits above the smaller one. So when you need to juice small fruit all you need to do is remove the outer reamer and use the smaller one.

The juicer is pretty quiet in operation. You can watch the video and listen to it in operation to get a good feel. Even though some people say that they’ve used it for pomegranate, I wouldn’t suggest it as it’s not always possible, and when you do manage to juice pomegranate it tends to get really messy.

Ease of Use

The height of the spout is 4.5 inches, and this is ideal for a regular 8 oz glass to fit under it. Another added benefit of this juicer, just as in the case of most of the other electric citrus juicers on the market is the fact that you do not need to apply a lot of pressure. Just slight force to hold the fruit in place while the reamer rotates. The amount of force could be compared to that of holding a door knob.

Do you suffer from arthritis? This answer may be helpful.


The body is built of metal for longevity and the reamers are plastic. The instructions do say that you should rest the machine for 15 seconds after every 15 seconds of operation. However, most people have stated that they don’t really do this and it still works fine. The only rest the machine receives is the time it takes to cut the next fruit.

Rinsing the parts is very easy so there’s no question about placing it in a dishwasher. But if you’re still adamant there’s no harm in doing so as the parts are pretty strong. But, that’s going to have to be at your own risk.

What Makes It One of the Best?

  • Easy operation
  • Relatively Silent
  • Easy maintenance

Features I Don't like About It

  • Constant Pulp Content
  • Reamer rotates only in one direction

Other Features:

  1. Auto stop/start depending on application of pressure
  2. Spout can be lifted up to prevent juice flow