Black and Decker CJ625 Everything You Need to Know

The Black and Decker Electric Citrus Juicer has a 32-ounce capacity and has some of the latest innovations for those looking for a high quality juicer. It makes high quality fresh squeezed citrus juice anytime you want it without having to worry about the seeds and the mess. It features a self-reversing cone and a strainer and a drip-free pour spout.

This juicer also has an auto-reversing reamer and stirrer to get the maximum amount of juice out of all fruit and it is made by one of the most respected manufacturers in America. It is easy to assemble and easy to clean. It has two cone sizes to accommodate fruits of all sizes and operates cleanly.


With two cones, it works on fruits both large and small and this 30-watt juicer has a motor that operates quietly. It juices in a fraction of the time that it takes manual and conventional juicers. It operates cleanly and most of the parts can be popped in the dishwasher for easy maintenance.

Ease of Use

First, choose the right cone for your fruit, and then cut the fruits in half and hold down on the juicer cone. Push down once for conventional juicing, twice for reverse to get all of the juice from the fruit. Then when you are through, simply remove the parts and rinse them off and it is ready to go again.


This is a product that has been on the market for some time now, and it has a large sample size of reviews. The vast majority of those are from people who have used it daily for months to years and reported no problems. However, some people have reported problems with the unit breaking down. Also, it must be cleaned on a regular basis to keep it working since citrus fruit is acidic in nature.

What Makes It One of the Best?

  • Good buy for the money
  • Auto reverse reamer and stirrer
  • Drip-free pour spout
  • Dust cover for storage

Features I Don't like About It

  • Short electrical cord
  • Reverse switch works poorly

Other Features:

  1. 32-ounce capacity
  2. Two cone sizes

The Black and Decker Electric Citrus Juicer is a perfect choice for those just looking to explore juicing for the first time since it is inexpensive compared to many other models. It can juice fruits of all sizes and do it quickly without making a mess. This model has received over a 1000 reviews on Amazon - check them out.