Interesting Gift Ideas for Juicers

If you’re into the habit of juicing or if you love it but just don’t have the time to do it more often, there are some handy tools and books to make life easier and tastier, probably healthier too.

The items that I’ve listed below are mostly products I’ve used along with some products that I wish I had (a.k.a. my next Christmas present to myself). All of the items I have chosen are in the typical gift giving price range, so they work as perfect gifts to new, seasoned as well as professional juicers.

If there’s something you love that isn’t on the list, shoot me a mail from my contact page and I’d be happy to add anything I find appropriate for this page without cluttering it with too many options. It should be something that a juicer would not already obviously possess. Without further ado, I’ll let you get to my list:

  1. TheBarsentials Set of 4 Mason Jars - Handle + Reusable Straws

Mason jars as a gift for juicers
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The perfect gift idea for someone that juices a lot and one that also serves as a really cool cocktail mug for your juicer friend that isn’t very committed to juicing, this set of Mason jars, each of them with a 16 oz capacity comes with handles, well sealed stainless steel lids that are decorated with different color fruit patterns and BPA free plastic reusable straws to match. To add to the class and an extra feature that makes it very “giftable” even at a fancy event, the wooden carrying tray with neat handles and a compartment for each jar completes the set.


  1. The Juicing Bible by Pat Crocker

The Juicing Bible
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The juicing Bible written by Pat Crocker, a culinary herbalist lives up to its name, being a comprehensive guide for newbies and professionals alike. It’s one of the bestselling books in the food niche.

It’s got 350 recipes covering juices, tonics, teas, roughies, smoothies, milk and coffee substitutes, cleansers and more. It also provides useful information on the medicinal value of of different fruits, vegetables and herbs inclusive of home remedies that aid your body in recovery.

What I personally love about this book is the fact that I can go shopping and buy fresh produce from my local farmers market, stuff that is available for the season, go home look up say kohlrabi and then find all recipes that include it. It’s got loads of positive reviews, many taking about the way they use it for its health info, tips on how to store and prep different fruits and veggies, etc.


  1. 4-In-1 Fruit Slicer and Corer + 8 Bonus Fruit Forks

4 in 1 fruit slicer
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Getting rid of mango seeds, coring apples and slicing fruit in general is both time consuming and messy. I’ve always had an apple corer, but someone suggested that I try a multi-fruit device and to be honest I didn’t think they existed.

I spent around an hour researching on Amazon before I settled on the product by Giptime just because it “looked” better. I’m not disappointed at all, in fact I’m surprised at how well it works. It’s not a life changer by any means, but it surely saves me time in chopping and clean up as the holder on the bottom collects any juice that drips out.

The tomato cutter does a great job even on tomatoes that are not very firm, but to be honest I don’t really use it for tomatoes anymore as they are super quick to chop and I’m very set in old habits.

But it’s a huge time saver for guavas, oranges, apples, pears, etc. The product itself is made of really good plastic and is very sturdy and does the job as advertised. It’s been a year, I’m going to have to wait and see how long the blades last. So far they still feel as good as new. I personally do not put it into the dishwasher as this typically blunts any sharp objects.


  1. Reuseable Metal Straws with a Cleaner by Lime Skies

Reusable metal straws
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I love using straws when I’m sipping on my smoothies and I hate, always have hated using cheap plastic straws at home because of the waste they create. I did have plastic reuseable straws for a few years until I was gifted a set of these metal straws from my Amazon wishlist and I love them, I love that the coolness of the smoothie gets through the straws and onto my lips.

When not in use or while traveling they can be packed away in their own little container, the ends of which have silicone plugs. Silicone does not allow moisture to escape, and is in essence air tight. Therefore, you should make sure that your straws are dry before you pack them up, especially if you’re going to be leaving them in their container for a few days. As an added benefit the straws come with cleaning brushes. These are 8.5” long and 10” when in their container.

Anyone who is health conscious and does not want cheap plastic straws with BPA would love these. You could also buy BPA free plastic reuseable straws for yourself or maybe paper straws, but I feel the metal pieces are more presentable as a gift.


  1. SodaStream Jet Sparkling Water Maker

Sparkling water maker
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A great gift idea, one that I plan on getting myself this year is a soda maker (my dad had one when I was growing up). Some of you may already know about them as sparkling water makers. Other than the fact that owning one of these allows you to make your own sparkling water at home, there are many other things that can be done; homemade fizzy drinks for instance.

I always need to add water to my fruit juices when I am juicing or after I juice, else they are just too thick. Most people do this. Instead of adding plain water, I would add sparkling water after juicing. I’ve tried this before and it is so much better than popular fizzy drinks. It’s a great way to get kids (or you) to drink something healthy instead of the sugary carbonated drinks on supermarket shelves.

I’ve done my research and I would personally suggest the SodaStream sparkling water maker as it’s got good specs and reviews for the price. This set includes the sparkling water maker, a C02 cylinder sufficient for around 60L of carbonated water and a 1 liter BPA free reusable bottle that you can use for carbonating.


  1. Tailbox Stainless Steel Pineapple Corer and Slicer

Pineapple Corer and Slicer
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There are plenty of tricks to successfully coring a pineapple with ease, but having a tool that does this and additionally allows you to instantly cut the newly formed rings all at once into pieces (if needed) is always welcome. There have been many pineapple core machines on the market for years, but the one that stood out to me was the Tailbox pineapple corer because of it additional slicing tool that cuts each ring into 8 evenly sized pieces, ideal for juicing or if you’re like me, also for dipping into yogurt.

It peels, cores and slices an entire pineapple without causing a mess or wasting a lot of actual fruit. Moreover, it’s easy to clean and is said to be dishwasher friendly, but as you know by now, I do not put sharp objects into my dishwasher.

This makes the ideal gift for someone who loves juicing as well as someone who hosts a lot of parties, because the leftover whole pineapple shell can also be used in different ways for a tropical themed party.


  1. Portable Electric Food Dehydrator

Portable Electric Food Dehydrator
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Anyone who juices a lot is going to have plenty of fruits and herbs on standby. Very often the produce tends to get spoiled and is thrown away. A dehydrator allows one to save this produce by converting it into dry herbs and delicious fruit chips.

Other than preventing fresh produce from being wasted, it also helps you dehydrate any pulp that you would otherwise throw away. The pulp can be collected and used for a variety of different purposes. If you personally juice a lot, you’re surely going to find benefit in reading my article on things to do with leftover juice pulp.

The Rosewill countertop portable electric dehydrator has 5 BPA free trays that are stackable so that you only use as many as needed. The thermostat can be adjusted anywhere between 95 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Other than making fruit chips and dried herbs, it can also be used to make beef jerky, etc.


  1. Popsicle Molds

Popsicle Molds
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Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved home made watermelon popsicles in particular. I personally have a dozen molds which are a hand-me-down, kind of like a family heirloom if we can call it that. My molds are not ideal and have no slot for a stick. I need to place it in the juice and hope that it stays put in the center, a diagonal stick is not all that bad when they are for home use after all.

When writing this gift ideas page for juicers, I just knew that there needs to be a popsicle mold idea. I did some searching on Amazon and found a pretty neat looking, BPA free, relatively cheap, yet handy mold of 6 easy release popsicles that come along with sticks and a drip guard! Wow, times sure have changed.

This one is just the one I would personally choose, there are hundreds of options for you to pick from now that you’ve got the idea. These are a great gift idea for anyone, especially someone with kids. This set makes pops which are 4 inch long each.