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We love spending time in our kitchen, it's mostly because we love cooking but while we do that, we also socialize with our family and friends and in general just have a fun time. You will find a lot of helpful guides on Kitease, not all of them will be found here on our blog. This is just a selection of our new and popular pieces, we hope you enjoy reading through them as much as we enjoy writing them.

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Choosing a Pasta Maker Like a Pro

Have you ever tried home made pasta? It’s nothing compared to the variety at the supermarkets. You can of course roll and cut it out yourself, but having a machine does make things a lot easier and quicker. It’s also a fun activity if you want to involve your kids or friends. You absolutely do not need an expensive model. Check out this guide to quickly understand the different kinds of pasta makers and what you need to keep in mind when picking.

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Cooking Fresh Pasta to Perfection

Fresh home made pasta is not hardened and does not take anywhere near as long as store bought pasta to cook. Cooking fresh pasta is an art of its own and it’s ready within minutes, literally. Check out this guide where I cover the cook times of the popular kinds of pasta and give you some additional tips and suggestions based on my own experiences. You’re going to come out a bit more experienced after this simple three minute read.