These are our best range hood reviews in each category, based on various factors. We hope you find the perfect one for your home:

This page was last updated on: 30th August 2015.

Wall Mount Range Hoods

Z Line ZLKB36 Wall Mount Range Hood - Stainless Steel, 36 Inch

The Z Line ZLKB36 is one of the most sought after Wall Mount Range Hoods as it lives up to its reputation. This model has certifications of safety including CE, GS and CCC from the United States as well as Canada.



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Kitchen Bath Collection – Stainless Steel, 30 Inch

If you’re looking for a manufacture that listens and implements suggestions from their customers, Kitchen Bath collection is the one you seek. The new models now come equipped with the 2 LED lights in front of the unit rather than back, for better lighting over the center of the cooktop. A brilliant addition to your kitchen, this model has no visible welds.



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Under Cabinet Range Hoods

AKDY AZ-1801A-75 Under Cabinet Stainless Steel 30 Inch

This is one of the finest Under Cabinet Range Hoods currently on the market. Various Reviews of this AKDY range hood are all praise, right from its CPM (900 CPM at level 3) to its silent operation, its easy installation, ease of use and maintenance.




You can get a $100 off on the above features if you're willing to look at their older model. There is no performance difference just a bit in terms of design as you can see below.

Golden Vantage GV-R01-75 Under Cabinet Stainless Steel 30 Inch

This is by far the most sought after range hood for the previous month and year. However, the quality of the product has declined and so we do not recommend it anymore. The electrical controls go haywire and auto start the model when not needed and at times when there are fumes, the auto start does not function.

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Island Mount Range Hoods

Golden Vantage GVAI-30 Euro Style Stainless Steel Island Mount – 30 Inch

The Golden Vantage GVAI-30 together with high performance also features an elegant finish. Therefore, it’s no surprise that this model is one of the most popular Island Mount Range Hoods currently on the market.




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best range hoods

Finding the best range hood for your home is an excruciating process when you take into consideration the many models and the varied features they possess. Therefore, we do the research for you and we come up with a new list each month taking into account various factors as you can see below:

  1. Overall functionality and general specifications.
  2. Customer ratings and reviews.
  3. After sale service response of the brand.
  4. Popularity on major online stores.
  5. Maintenance and Ease of use.

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